Jessa Duggar, Amid Josh Duggar Lawsuit Scandal, Shows Off Husband Ben And Kids On Instagram

The Duggar family is dealing with multiple dramas and scandals right now. With Joy-Anna Duggar boasting a baby bump that looks much bigger than she claims, as well as Jill and Derick Dillard getting their crowdsourcing campaign pulled down for violations, the Duggars have not been able to go a month without making headlines. The most serious scandal that they currently face is the one that is threatening to tear the family apart: the four sisters refusing to let their brother Josh Duggar join their lawsuit against the city of Springdale, Arkansas.

Despite all this, Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, have been able to navigate clear of any negative news. As her siblings find themselves surrounded by rumors about conceiving a baby out of wedlock, having a baby with a child molester, and more, the 25-year-old mother is content to show off her cute and sweet family on Instagram.

Jessa may be the most domestic of all her married siblings. Ever since she gave birth to her second son, Henry Seewald, this past February, her Instagram has been filled with pictures and videos of her sons. While Counting On fans are wondering why her older sister, Jill Duggar, is not uploading pictures of her newborn, Samuel Dillard, they have not had to ask that for Jessa’s second baby.

Her life revolves entirely around her family and home. She posted a photo of Henry and Spurgeon at Aldi’s, a supermarket known for its heavily discounted groceries.

Yay for double seats ????????????????

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This drew a whole lot of fans to express just how great the boys look.

“Nothing but sweethearts in that buggy,” one fan commented. “You guys made beautiful babies.”

Another wrote, “You have the cutest kids ever.”

It is not just the kids who are scoring high on the cuteness factor. Her husband, Ben Seewald, who is three years younger than Jessa, is turning out to be one of the most involved fathers in the Duggar family. In the latest video that she posted on Instagram, he is seen letting his oldest son win at a wrestling match to get the recliner in the living room.

Battle for the recliner.

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“Spurgeon outsmart his Dad!” A fan wrote. “Love the relationship they have.”

Unlike Jill or Joy-Anna’s husbands, Ben stays clear of overtly political statements and stirring up controversy on social media. Austin Forsyth has shown his support for the Republican Party as well as anti-abortion, and Derick Dillard has not only retweeted Donald Trump but also showed that he does not believe in transgender people.

Concentrating on her family has been one way that Jessa avoids addressing the lawsuit that she has going on with her sisters. Along with Jill, Joy, and Jinger, she is in the process of suing the city of Springdale, Arkansas, and InTouch Weekly for releasing their names along with her brother Josh Duggar’s molestation case. He also tried to join the case, saying that his name also should not have been released, as he was a minor when he molested his sisters.

But the girls united against him to ask the judge to keep him off their lawsuit.

“It would appear that things aren’t hunky-dory if they are having public legal battles. That would indicate they’re not coordinating things with each other,” attorney Troy Slaten, who does not work with the Duggars, shared with E! News. “They are not on the same side […] If everything was good, they may want to help each other’s legal strategy but here, they clearly have opposing legal interest.”

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[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]