R.I.P. James Woods’ Career? Actor Denies ‘Retirement’ Rumors Reported By Mainstream News

On October 6, a real estate agent working for actor James Woods released a statement claiming that Woods was retiring from his 46-year career in Hollywood. The media quickly latched onto the story, and the news of his break from the acting industry was reported from coast to coast by most mainstream news sources. Woods’ retirement wasn’t the reason for the story’s immediate popularity, though. It was the politically entrenched explanation that caught the public’s attention.

The Oscar-nominated actor claimed that he had been “blacklisted” after going public with many of his conservative views and his break with the Democratic Party. Woods has made no secret of his disdain for the actions of former President Bill Clinton and claims that this was his primary reason for leaving the party in 1998. Prior to this, Woods had been a Hollywood A-lister with roles in iconic films like Casino (1995) and Ghosts of Mississippi (1996). He blamed his loss of major roles after 1998 on his unpopular political stance and outspoken criticism of the Democratic Party.

After the initial press release announcing his retirement, Woods personally stepped forward to deny the validity of these claims. In an October 7 interview with the Washington Post, he addressed the issue, stating that the incorrect information was more than likely his own fault. Woods said that he was having a conversation with his real estate agent to discuss the listing of his Rhode Island home when the topic of retirement was brought up.

“It’s just funny.” Woods said. “My agent said ‘Are you retired?’ I said, ‘I don’t think so, am I?'”

He explained that he had met with his real estate agent, Allen Gammons, over breakfast in an attempt to “simplify” his financial situation.

“You said you want to simplify by having less property as you go toward retirement,” Gammons stated during the interview.

Woods responded with, “Yeah, exactly.”

The actual release by Gammons stated that Woods’ “recent retirement from the entertainment field has prompted him to simplify his life.”

The news snowballed from there and was combined with several of the actor’s controversial tweets to add a politically bitter spin to what would have otherwise been a laughable misunderstanding.

This has also acted to shed some light on the politically heavy-handed methods employed by members of the entertainment industry. Hollywood and most of its major players work in a field that’s accused of promoting a largely liberal viewpoint in the overwhelmingly blue state of California. In a 2013 Twitter conversation with a fan, Woods acknowledged that he may never work in the industry again.

The fan asked, “Dude, aren’t u worried, about,…u know..ever working again??”

Woods didn’t hold back with his response.

“I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and the future of the Republic. My country first.”

James Woods’ career may be DOA, but his time in the spotlight is obviously far from over.

He continues to claim that those who share his political views in the entertainment industry are afraid to come forward, stating that “the blacklist in Hollywood against conservatives is very real.”

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]