‘Clash Royale’ Players Think Epic Quest Update Needs Work, Supercell Responds To Feedback

Supercell recently released an update introducing Epic Quests to Clash Royale. On the day of its release, the update immediately received some flak from loyal Clash Royale players. Since then, gamers have been providing Supercell with a ton of feedback on how to improve Epic Quests. So far, gamers have received one simple sentence as a response from the mobile games developer.

According to Android Police, Supercell’s new Epic Quest update introduces quests in the game. On the day of its release, Clash Royale players already had a lot to say about the update. One of the first comments about the update questioned why Epic Quests was made available to Apple users first. It seems Android users had to wait a bit longer to download the update.

“Why is [the] iOS [update] [available] now and Android isn’t?” tweeted Slives.

“Yo now it shows an update available but when I switch to Google play store nothing,” tweeted mofogamer, presumably another Android user.

Regardless of whether or not players had an iOS or Android device, everyone had one or two issues with actually downloading the update. Some mobile users received a maintenance break warning, while most others had to wait a very long time for Epic Quests to download into their devices completely.

To summarize, the update introduces not only Epic Quests, but also new game modes, a better card system, and other minor improvements, as reported in the official Clash Royale website.

One highly talked about game mode is Touchdown. The object of the game is to get a troop to the opponent’s end zone. Crown Towers are not used during this new game mode. Crowns are rewarded when a player gets his or her troops through to the opponent’s side.

Some players were excited about the new game mode, but most people were not impressed by it.

“Sorry @ClashRoyale but new update sucks. Touchdown is not inventive or fun. Quest ok but not that big enough reward to try hard enough,” commented mfMateo in one tweet.

“The quest update is awesome. But improve the Touchdown it can get boring sometimes,” tweeted Hard Goyal about the new game mode.

However, the brunt of the feedback players are giving to Supercell concern the quests themselves. There are two types of quests — ones that come out daily and others that come out weekly. Players can have up to three quests assigned to them at once. If a player is unhappy with a quest or feels like it can not be completed, the player can replace it. However, only one quest can be replaced every 24 hours.

Some gamers have complained about how frequent the quests refresh.

“@ClashRoyale sooo… are quests broken? I haven’t had a quest (other than free chests) since the update came out,” wrote Karl Smith to Supercell.

“@ClashRoyale seriously I have to wait for next quest. Bring back free chests dump quests. Worst update ever,” tweeted Jack Waters.


Players also seem to want more out of the quests, especially when it comes to rewards. According to Supercell’s announcement, Clash Royale players can win big rewards by completing quests, including Super Magical and Legendary Chests.

Clash Royale gamers have sent in all their feedback about the Epic Quests Update via Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms. For the most part, Supercell has kept quiet about all the comments, until recently.

One gamer, using the handle @LotanGames, finally reached someone at Supercell and received a simple reply. The gamer shared Supercell’s response in the Clash Royale subreddit.

“We’re still soaking in all the feedback from the updates so far – nothing planned just yet.”

Based on the response LotanGames received, the mobile games developer is well aware of all the feedback. However, Supercell probably doesn’t have any plans to change anything about the update because it has only been a week since its release.

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