‘LPBW’ Fans Share Wonderful Encounters With Amy Roloff At Pumpkin Patch Amid Rumored Feud With Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff is in the middle of a rumored feud with ex-husband Matt and his new girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. Despite all the drama, fans of the long-running reality TV show are coming out with testimonies about how wonderful and kind Amy is in person.

The Roloff Farms’ annual pumpkin season is currently in full swing, and fans trooped to the LPBW property in Oregon last weekend during its opening. Coincidentally, Matt Roloff was celebrating his 56th birthday last Saturday, and the entire Roloff family came out to surprise him–including five-month-old baby Jackson.

The Daily Mail reported that Matt’s surprise party was planned by his current girlfriend and farm manager, Caryn Chandler. She reportedly invited Matt’s sons, Zach and Jeremy, who were spotted at the Roloff Farms wearing colorful party hats. Zach was later seen around the farm carrying a birthday cake while his wife, Tori Roloff, carried baby Jackson.

Interestingly, Amy Roloff did not join the festivities. According to sources, Amy was totally left out from the family gathering and opted to stay at another spot in the 110-acre farm to greet customers.

“‘The odd thing was that Amy Roloff was on the other side of the barn doing meet and greets with the general public and wasn’t asked by Caryn to participate. It definitely felt like she was being usurped at her own farm by Matt’s new girlfriend,” an eyewitness for The Daily Mail revealed.

“I never once saw Amy speak to Caryn, there’s a real tension there. The kids seem caught in the middle. This was baby Jackson’s first day at the farm during pumpkin season, it was kind of a big deal and Amy was shut out.”

Thankfully, the rumored tension did not seem to dampen Amy Roloff’s spirits. She was spotted on the same day going around the farm to welcome guests who came to enjoy the Roloff Farms and buy pumpkins. Wearing a black top and a bright pink skirt, Amy was all smiles as she greeted fans and customers.

Little People, Big World fans thoroughly enjoyed Amy’s presence during the opening weekend of the famous pumpkin patch. Many took photos of their wonderful experience at the farm, and the 53-year-old reality star even gamely posed for some selfies!

“I finally got to Roloff Farms and I got to meet Amy!” a fan wrote on Instagram. “She was lovely and the farm was delightful! We got some pumpkins and some great pictures!”

Another fan recounted a story of how the LPBW matriarch graciously bent down to pick up a guest’s pacifier which her baby dropped.

“Amy bent down, picked it up, wiped the dirt off with her sleeves. I said only a mother would do that. In just a few short minutes I got to interact with her, you could see the good from her.”

A couple of weeks ago I got some sad news about a good friend of mine back home. Plus getting back into the rhythm of school it's been a lot on me. I decided to take a trip down to Portland to get away and visit a friend and @rolofffarms. It was refreshing taking my mind off of things that were going on personally. That being said @amyjroloff was the best. A couple asked if I would take there picture with her and I gladly accepted. As they were getting set up the baby dropped his paci. Amy bent down, picked it up, wiped the dirt off of it with her sleeves. I said only a mother would do that. In just the few short minutes I got to interact with her you could see the good from her. Good that I needed to be reminded of. So thank you Amy! #RoloffFarms #PumpkinPicking #ItsFallYall #GINanny #LiveInNanny #NannyAdventures #TakingPDX #NannyLife #NannyBlogging #NannyGram #NannyDiaries #NannyWhoDoesItAll

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Little People, Big World first aired in 2006, documenting the lives of Matt and Amy and their then young children. The couple bought the farm located 15 minutes west of Portland, Oregon, which they tirelessly worked on to become the tourist attraction it is now. Every fall, the family opens their property to the public for four weeks for pumpkin season.

Unfortunately, Matt and Amy’s almost 30-year marriage crumbled and divorce was finalized last year. Amy has found a new love in Chris Marek, a 54-year-old realtor. As for Matt, he has since moved on with 49-year-old Caryn Chandler, an old Roloff Farms employee. Despite their complicated set-up, Matt and Amy still live at the property, but in separate houses.

LPBW fans! Do you think there’s truth in the rumored rift between Matt and Amy Roloff? Sound off your opinions in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]