Harvey Weinstein’s Ex Wife Eve Chilton And Georgina Chapman After Divorce

Harvey Weinstein has been married twice, with his first wife being Eve Chilton, whom he wedded in 1987. He married his second wife, Georgina Chapman, an actress and fashion designer in 2007. She is, however, reportedly leaving the mogul after the latest sexual harassment reports, which include claims from some of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities. Harvey is said to be devastated by the turn of events after close friends and family shun him.

Georgina After The Divorce

Georgina Chapman is an established fashion designer with many years in the business. Some of her clients include the who’s who of Hollywood, and with the current wave of sexual harassment allegations against her husband, the choice of leaving or staying with him is definitely a decision that is likely to affect her business. She currently has a net worth of about $20 million.

That said, her divorce from him may not lead to a significant financial bump. According to E Online, the couple most likely has a prenuptial or post-marital agreement in place, which is likely to limit the extent of property division. According to Page Six, she is reportedly leaning on Huma Abedin for support during these trying times. Huma’s husband Anthony Weiner had earlier on in the year pleaded guilty to sexting a teen and was recently handed a 21-month sentence for this.


Eve Chilton, Harvey Weinstein’s first wife is believed to have been his first secretary at Miramax. A blueblood related to America’s first attorney general, they met in 1986 when she started working at the company. Smitten by her, he reportedly left dozens of roses on her desk on numerous occasions, a habit which some of his employees urged him to stop as it could easily have been interpreted as sexual harassment.

Harvey Weinstein and Eve Chilton Weinstein at the Annual Promise Ball [Image by Thos Robinson/Getty Images]

But by the end of 1987, the two had exchanged vows. Throughout the course of their marriage, she stayed in the background, with her name never making it to the headlines. She was also well under the radar during red carpet events and never really liked the publicity. Their marriage ended in 2004. It was an amicable split and she got the family’s apartment located at Central Park. She later on sold it for $23 million. She is presently married to Sal Martirano.

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