Santa’s Grey Outfit Angers Guest In Sweden, Police Called

Santa’s grey outfit reportedly prompted a police call in Sweden, after a guest at a spa and conference from elsewhere took exception to his lack of iconic red and white garb.

News that Santa’s grey outfit angered the guest quickly spread worldwide, although Europe has been known to interpret Christmas legends in different ways depending on which part of the continent is concerned.

(Earlier this Christmas season, we reported on some of Europe’s creepier holiday legends, as well as the controversy surrounding “Black Pete santa,” also known as “Zwarte Piet,” in the Netherlands.)

The incident during which Santa’s grey outfit angered the guest (nationality or home country unknown) occurred at the spa center in Vallsta, which is about 180 miles north of Stockholm, early on Christmas Day.

Yahoo!News had a brief update from police in Sweden about the santa’s grey outfit and angry guest, and the site reports:

” … police said in a brief statement that the foreign guest grew agitated over the Santa outfit and argued with the centre’s staff. They did not say where the foreigner was from.”

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As the news of Santa’s grey outfit and the angry guest amuses web surfers, another Santa event was underway in Sweden — the country’s Santa Winter Games. Each year, legion Santas descend upon Gallivare in Sweden to compete over who is the best Santa in a massive competition detailed over at TIME.

So perhaps Santa’s grey outfit angered the guest after grey-Santa was trying to unwind from a long day of pageant competition.