Jeremiah Raber Freaks Out On Facebook Again, Accuses Carmela Of Stealing $15k And Leaving Him

Jeremiah Raber is best known for his role on the TLC shows Breaking Amish and Return to Amish. He has been in and out of trouble while being featured on the reality shows. Raber married Carmela after only knowing her a short while, and since then, their marriage has been turbulent. Fans of Return to Amish have commented about Jeremiah’s temper since the show began. While he may have changed some of his ways, things are definitely still rocky when it comes to his personal relationships.

Earlier this year, Jeremiah Raber made headlines for a very public fight with his wife, Carmela. The two were reportedly very vocal with one another, and she was accusing him of domestic abuse. The police got involved, and Carmela even took off for a while. Raber was all apologies on social media, begging for his wife to come back home. He promised to attend counseling and work on his alcohol habits; however, things have reportedly remained unchanged between the two. Despite Carmela leaving Jeremiah after the initial domestic abuse was alleged, she moved back home with him.

Both Jeremiah Raber and Carmela have been fighting on and off since the initial blowout. The two have split and reconciled more times than Return to Amish fans can even count. Several of their issues play out on social media for the world to see and document. According to Starcasm, Jeremiah Raber is calling out Carmela for stealing $15,000 and leaving him stranded. This stems back to the two selling property they had bought together. Raber and his wife were supposed to leave for a road trip today, and that is not how things played out.

Facebook has been busy all day with posts and live videos from Jeremiah Raber. He is alleging that Carmela took off with money that belongs to them both along with some of his personal items including clothing and a camera. The couple was supposed to be taking a trip, and when Raber got out of the car to pay a bill, Carmela took off, leaving him to fend for himself. He blasted her all over Facebook, tagging her and calling her out in the comments section.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for the couple. Jeremiah Raber and Carmela will likely cool down over the next few days, and then at some point reconcile. The Return to Amish star is familiar with this behavioral cycle, and it continues in his marriage as well. At this point, there has been no comment from Carmela about the accusations Raber has thrown at her.

[Featured Image by Jeremiah Raber/Twitter]