‘This Is Halloween’ Cover Evokes Holiday Spirit With Girl Power [Video]

This is Halloween has now become a major holiday theme song that fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas have come to love and cherish. The song has been so widely used and covered that many fans just find it to be synonymous with the Halloween season, even though the movie took place during the Christmas holiday. At least, that is what director Tim Burton and song composer Danny Elfman originally intended it for.

But there is a new cover of This is Halloween out there that fans across the world have really started paying attention to. The cover, which is performed and arranged by the Spanish band Broken Peach, really takes the essence of the song and gives it a “girl power” spin that is quite unique, to say the least. Not only have the four female singers for the song arranged a fantastic cover of This is Halloween, but they have also made a video that captures the essence of Halloween in a low-budget production that screams authenticism.

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, the main characters of the film try to fulfill Christmas expectations with a little Halloween twist. The fiendish characters were presented decked out in ghoulish attire, giving the film a more Halloween feel than that of Christmas. Broken Peach have also seemed to achieve that same aesthetic while staying true to the original score, giving it a special makeover in the process.

On the Broken Peach cover of This is Halloween, it is safe to assume that they have successfully recreated the intended nature of the song and intensified it with their own style, ramping up the true Halloween spirit that fits perfectly with the Halloween and October holiday season.

This is Halloween is not the only cover that Broken Peach has successfully transformed in music and video. The other videos on their YouTube page includes a cover of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus, which was also covered by Marilyn Manson, James Arthur’s Impossible, Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, and Lady Marmalade, from the film Moulin Rouge.

Be sure to check out Broken Peach’s This is Halloween below and let us know what you think in the comments below. We’re certain this a cover that would make Tim Burton proud.

[Featured Image by Touchstone Picture/Buena Vista Pictures]