LeBron James’ Streak Ends With Foul On Christmas Day

It was a sad Christmas for LeBron James. The NBA superstar bizarre no-foul streak ended in the first quarter of the Miami Heat’s game against Oklahoma City when James fouled Serge Ibaka.

According to Yahoo Sports, James played 254 minutes and 7 seconds without getting a foul.

The streak started on December 8 when James was called for a foul on New Orleans’ Lance Thomas with 2:30 left in the first quarter. After fouling Thomas, James went 254 minutes and 7 seconds without a foul. James played in 6 games without committing a foul. Vibe notes, however, that the NBA star did receive a technical foul during his no-foul streak.

Heat coach Erik Spoelestra said that he was impressed with James’ no-foul streak since the superstar plays so hard every game.

Spoelestra said:

“I’d be concerned if he was just standing around … If he’s hiding and taking himself out of plays, taking mini-vacations on possessions, but he’s been activating our defense. When you have his type of athletic, god-given ability and you add it to his mind and the preparation, he can be one or two steps ahead of the play, which allows him to be a playmaker defensively, allows him to be physical, get in the thick of it, but also be early enough so he’s not getting called for out-of-position fouls.”

According to Bleacher Report, Steve Nash holds the record over the last 15 seasons for the longest no-foul streak. Nash went 11 consecutive games without getting a personal foul.

Are you impressed with LeBron James’ streak?