‘Tokyo Ghoul: re’ Manga Has Announcement In ‘Young Jump’: Season 3 Confirmed Again, But Is The Story Ending?

The Tokyo Ghoul: re manga has not ended yet in Young Jump. The magazine had promised a big announcement for October 12, 2017. Since many fans thought the second series’ story might be coming to an ending, it was hoped that Sui Ishida would announce a third manga series. But it turns out the big announcement was something that the world already knows.

The anime Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 was officially announced by multiple sources on October 4, 2017, mere days after the big Young Jump announcement was first teased. Tokyo Ghoul: re Chapter 144, which officially released today in Young Jump #46, also says that the “TV anime [is] confirmed!” In addition, the manga page notes that Volume 13 of the manga is going on sale on October 19, 2017.

“All over the world, we have 32 million copies in print! Thank you!” the announcement reads.

The first manga series ended with Chapter 143, so it was assumed by many fans that the ending for the second series was coming up quick. Without getting into major spoilers, Tokyo Ghoul: re Chapter 144 ended with one of the main characters “dying” and then transforming completely. But that’s probably just the manga writer trolling the fans since that is not the Tokyo Ghoul: re ending.

Tokyo Ghoul Re will not end on October 12 in the 46th issue of Young Jump,” reported Manga Mag Japon on their Twitter page. “The series continues.”

At least for the moment, that means there is not going to be a third series for the manga. Tokyo Ghoul: re Chapter 145 will release in Young Jump magazine #47 on October 19, 2017, meaning that the story will “dragon” a little while longer.

Warning: Major spoilers contained below.

Ishida is definitely teasing fans by using lines like, “Goodbye the end; hello the end.” Some fans believe the second series is not even close to ending considering all the unresolved plot elements. However, others believe Ishida is setting up Ken Kaneki to become a new super villain by transforming him into the horrific Dragon. In this form, Kaneki would become a common enemy for both ghouls and humans to overcome as a unified force. In a sense, ending the second manga series in this manner would be similar to the ending of the Code Geass anime (which is getting a sequel).

Fans will just have to wait until next week to see if this is the ending of the Tokyo Ghoul: re manga. Let’s just hope the story continues with Kaneki finding a way to “press forward like a centipede” rather than ending in tragedy once again. Tokyo Ghoul: fwd, anyone?

[Featured Image by Sui Ishida/Young Jump]