Upcoming Global Events For ‘The Division’ Detailed, Select Missions Worth Fewer Tokens

With the second Global Event over, players of Tom Clancy’s The Division are looking ahead to the next event and the 1.8 update. In the latest state of the game, developers detailed the upcoming Global Events and talked about the progress of the 1.8 patch on the public test server. The next two Global Events are Strike and Ambush, offering new modifiers and Classified Gear set pieces. A few missions will be worth fewer Global Event tokens, though.

When the next Global Event begins in The Division, players will find missions that can be easily farmed are worth fewer tokens. The Clear Sky incursion, Lexington Event Center, and Amerst Apartments missions will reward fewer tokens than previous Global Events. Other missions and modifiers will remain the same, however, according to the game’s website.

The Strike and Ambush Global Events are coming soon with these new updated rewards. The Strike event will begin first, with a global modifier that makes enemies explode upon death. This event forces players to spread out since damage they take will make the player explode if not mitigated. In the Ambush event, players of The Division will need to seek cover and hunker down. Damage is increased while immobile and moving negates the bonus damage and eventually costs the player health.

West Side Piers content now being tested for The Division's 1.8 update
Strike and Ambush Global Events coming soon to The Division

Although Global Events occur roughly every month, the 1.8 patch is still being tested. The second phase of testing is live for the 1.8 update with new changes, the West Side Pier, and Classified Gear sets. Invites to the console public test are being delivered today for those that signed up and were selected to test. As usual, players that test the upcoming content should note that everything is subject to change.

The 1.8 patch testing environment now includes the Resistance PvE mode and changes to the Underground PvE DLC. According to the patch notes on the official forums, players can now receive Division Tech for breaking down valuable gear like high-end items, gear set items, and exotic items. The notes also include the new five- and six-piece bonuses for the AlphaBridge and Tactician’s Authority gear sets.

As the Inquisitr reported, the 1.8 update will add the new West Side Pier zones that include dynamically spawning enemies and alerts that reward even more Division Tech. When 1.8 releases, players of the The Division will be able to use Division Tech to increase their items’ gear score to a new maximum of 286.

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