Victoria Beckham Weighs In On Whether She’d Design Clothes For Melania Trump

Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer for A-list celebrities and isn’t grouped into the many who refuse to dress First Lady Melania Trump. While attending Vogue‘s Forces of Fashion conference in New York City on Thursday, the former Spice Girl was open about her views on dressing Melania.

The conference Victoria attended was recapped by Yahoo Lifestyle when it came to what she said in regard to designing clothes for the president’s wife. While the former Spice Girl hasn’t personally worked with Melania Trump, the first lady selected a Victoria Beckham label on October 3 when she donned a navy blue turtleneck to visit hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico with her husband. The $1,030 turtleneck was purchased from “the shop,” Beckham said.

There was another time Melania wore a Beckham design when she interviewed with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in October 2016. She wore a $1,850 Microblush sleeveless fitted dress.

Does Victoria share the same views that several designers have expressed in not wanting to dress Melania Trump? Not at all.

“I just think if any woman chooses to wear me, or invest in me as a designer, that’s incredibly flattering,” Victoria said.

Designers Tom Ford, Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, and Christian Siriano are among the many who have openly stated they won’t work with Mrs. Trump if they were asked based solely on Donald Trump’s political agenda. Victoria Beckham isn’t one of those and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with Melania Trump if the chance arises.

Although Melania likes to wear ready-made clothes from Victoria Beckham’s collections, it’s not the same thing as having a working relationship culminating in custom-designed gowns and other attire.

As far as Beckham is concerned, she’d like to work with anyone who wants to wear her clothes. If that means the first lady, great!

“I like to make everybody happy, and whoever it is, if they want to wear my clothes and I can make that happen, and the sample is free, then I would jump at the opportunity to do that,” she shares.

Melania Trump seen wearing Victoria Beckham turtleneck on October 3. [Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Ivanka Trump has also worn Victoria Beckham’s designs and was last seen in one leaving her Washington, D.C., home in June. Her dress was a sleeveless black calla lily-printed frock that only cost $35 because it was an off-the-wrack design Beckham made for Target.

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Victoria Beckham said back in 2010 that she would’ve loved to dress then-First Lady Michelle Obama. The designer thinks Mrs. Obama is “incredible” and a “strong” woman she finds beautiful. The British star also once revealed that she’d like the chance to meet Hillary Clinton and dress her.

Will Melania Trump call up Victoria Beckham in the future and have her design some of her clothes?

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