David Eason Abuse Scandal: He Shares Photo Of Kaiser Sitting On His Lap And Fans React

David Eason hasn’t said much since Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2 aired on MTV. His wife, Jenelle Evans, had a strong reaction to the show, and she decided to delete her Twitter profile in protest. She also revealed that she gave MTV an ultimatum: She wanted to be portrayed in the right light and she wanted respect. Jenelle also pointed out that she wanted to be treated as a human being and not an animal in a cage. After the episode aired, fans were shocked at how David treated Kaiser, as he grabbed him by the arm and dragged him.

According to a new Instagram post, David Eason is now sharing a photo of himself with Kaiser. In the photo, Kaiser is sitting in his lap, and Ensley and Jenelle are also in the photo. It sounds like he wants to share a photo of himself with his family, but fans feel that he’s provoking a situation. People have reached out to Nathan Griffith to encourage him to pursue legal action against David, but based on this photo, it sounds like Kaiser is still in Nathan’s care. Plus, many of Eason’s followers believe that MTV is indeed trying to create this abuse storyline.

Family fun!

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Many people have said that Kaiser is scared of David, but one person pointed out that she remembers seeing Kaiser cry because he wanted David over his mother. This was something that played out earlier this season on Teen Mom 2. At the time, Jenelle didn’t know what to do, but Kaiser had a complete meltdown because he wanted to hang out with Eason.

“I must be watching a different show- Kaiser is terrified of David? I remember him crying bc he WANTED David – in the backseat when Jenelle had to call David on the phone while picking up Marisa,” the follower pointed out, reminding fans that he hadn’t always been portrayed as an abusive partner.

Several people had talked about David’s aggressive personality, but it sounds like Kaiser may not be as scared of him as he once said. In the photo, he’s sitting in David’s lap and while he isn’t smiling, he doesn’t seem like he’s on the verge of a breakdown.

What do you think about David Eason posting a photo of himself with Kaiser on Instagram, given everything that has played out on social media?

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