James Ellsworth Reveals The Person Who Suggested The Pairing Of Him And Carmella

James Ellsworth has certainly came a long way from being an enhancement talent to Braun Strowman on an episode of Raw. Just like any other person who Strowman plowed through at the time, Ellsworth appeared to be one-and-done, and return back to the independent circuit with perhaps higher interest due to public exposure. However, there was something unique about Ellsworth that caused him to stand out above the rest.

Most likely due to his look, which reeks of a quintessential underdog, Ellsworth gained a strong enough reaction to reappear on WWE television. This time, he debuted on SmackDown Live, meddling in the WWE Championship feud between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. Shortly after his debut, he had the opportunity to win his way into a contract with the blue brand. Surprisingly, he defeated Styles in a ladder match, officially becoming a member of the show.

This level of fame quickly got to the head of Ellsworth, and he started to proverbially bite the hand that fed him. This became evident during a match at TLC, as he turned on Ambrose to assist Styles in winning the match. On the following episode of Talking Smack, Ellsworth explained that he did that due to feeling as if he would have a better chance to defeat Styles since he had before.

Failing to fully capitalize on his championship opportunity, Ellsworth would soon ally with SmackDown Live women’s star Carmella. Ellsworth was even responsible for grabbing the briefcase during the first ever women’s Money in the Bank match at the pay-per-view of the same name. This sparked a great deal of controversy, with even wrestling legends such as Steve Austin not agreeing with the decision. Despite this, Carmella would clear up the controversy and win the subsequent Money in the Bank match on SmackDown Live.

During an interview on the Dinner With the King podcast with Jerry “The King” Lawler, Ellsworth revealed the person who suggested that the two pair on television. This person was none other than Carmella herself.

According to Ellsworth, Vince McMahon loved the idea, and they have been a unit ever since. Moreover, Ellsworth stated that they have formed a good friendship since being paired together on TV. Ten months later, Ellsworth, though chained up like a dog, is still aligned with Carmella as she holds the MITB briefcase.

[Featured Image by WWE]