Jill Duggar Pregnancy Rumors Rage On Husband Derick Dillard’s Instagram, Fans Ask For New Baby Samuel

Jill Duggar just had her second baby boy this July, but pregnancy rumors are already afloat! The 26-year-old mother has been busy resettling into her life in Arkansas after her husband, Derick Dillard, discontinued his missionary work in Central America. Now, Jill and Derick work for Cross Church College while juggling their new baby, Samuel, and their 2-year-old son, Israel.

The mother of two has not been seen much on the family’s Facebook or her own Instagram recently. But the few times that she has been spotted, her followers started speculating whether she is already pregnant with a third baby.

A few weeks ago, when Derick attended his high school’s homecoming parade, he showed off his wife with their two kids. In the picture, Jill was wearing a white top, which showed her a little round around her stomach. This instantly triggered pregnancy rumor amongst Counting On fans.

“[Is] she pregnant again?!” A fan remarked.

“So cute!” A fan commented. “Are you guys going to have any more babies or are u done? Two is a handful!”

Now, another picture is continuing the rumor that got triggered weeks ago. Now, the Dillards are in Washington D.C., visiting the country’s capital with Cross Church College. In a picture that Derick uploaded, the fans still ask the couple whether they are expecting another new baby.

One fan commented, “Jill, you look amazing for carrying twins!”

Another flat-out stated that “she’s pregnant.”

Others were much more unwilling to jump to conclusions, saying that “Jill JUST had a baby in the beginning of July,” and that the people who thought she was pregnant “must be thinking of someone else.”

Check out the picture her husband posted on Instagram.

However, the 26-year-old’s pregnancy is not the only thing that Counting On fans is concerned about. They are also clamoring to see more of the new baby Samuel, who is now three months old. For some reason, the couple has not been uploading as many updates about him as they did for Israel, their first son.

“Why are you ashamed of your baby?” One fan demanded. “Post pictures and stop hiding him!”

“[H]ave you seen Cathy Dillard’s Instagram? Samuel’s grandmother?” Another quipped. “There is not one picture of Samuel on there. There are tons of Israel… Something is going on!”

From her Instagram account, it looks like Jill Duggar is less concerned with having another baby and more with enjoying the present. She posted a picture of her husband trying to juggle two baby boys, and it immediately garnered him praise for being an involved father.

@derickdillard you are the best papa in the whole world!!! I love you so much!

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Do you think Jill Duggar wants to become pregnant with a third baby? Do you think she is taking some time off before increasing her family? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]