Chelsea Houska’s Ex, Adam Lind, Is $9,000 Overdue For Child Support — Is He Using The Money For Drugs?

Chelsea Houska DeBoer may be living a charmed life these days with her husband, Cole, and her two children, but her woes with ex Adam Lind are far from over. The Teen Mom 2 star has previously revealed on the show that Lind is overdue on his child support payments, and it has been revealed through leaked court documents that the father of two owes over $9,000 on payments for his younger daughter, Paislee, alone.

Last year, arrest warrants were issued for Adam after he fell behind on payments for Paislee and Aubree, to the tune of $5,489 for his youngest daughter and $3,805 for his eldest daughter. It appears that even though a year has passed since the warrants were issued, Lind hasn’t changed much at all.

Chelsea Houska DeBoer has expressed on Teen Mom 2 that she is worried that he may be doing drugs in front of Aubree. Although Aubree has told her mother that he is mostly sleeping when she goes to see him, Chelsea has still stated that she is concerned that drugs are in the house.

It has been speculated that Adam has fallen so far behind on his child support payments due to the fact that he is doing drugs with the money.

Lind recently underwent a mandatory drug test after both of the mothers of his children asked for one through the court. Unfortunately for his daughters, he failed the drug test and tested positive for meth, which is a drug that is both highly addictive and incredibly dangerous.

The father-of-two has claimed in the past that MTV gives him a “bad edit” and he’s really a good person, however it appears this is rhetoric he uses to make himself feel better about his actions. Recently, his girlfriend has moved out of their home, stating that the reality TV star doesn’t do much aside from sleep and work on his cars. As a result, she and Adam don’t share much of a relationship and she isn’t extremely interested in keeping up appearances.

He has yet to be seen on Teen Mom 2 this season, finally following through on his multiple threats to quit the show.

[Featured Image by Adam Lind/Instagram]