Siggy Flicker Reveals A Sketchy Side To ‘Real Housewives’ Newbie Margaret Josephs

Siggy Flicker had planned a big celebration for Melissa Gorga’s birthday while the ladies were in Boca Raton on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She had paid $1,000 for a three-tier cake that she had a server present to her at a restaurant and she had planned a weekend with activities. When Teresa Giudice decided to throw the cake at Melissa Gorga to unleash some steam, Flicker freaked out. She called her co-stars animals and she revealed that she didn’t want to be associated with their behavior. But her biggest issue doesn’t seem to be with Teresa and Melissa. In her blog for this week’s episode, Flicker reveals that she was shocked to learn that Margaret Josephs decided to plan out her own activities.

According to a new report, Siggy Flicker is now revealing that she feels the new housewife was trying to steal her thunder. During the trip, Margaret had planned events for the ladies and she had convinced Teresa, Melissa, and Danielle Staub to have a memorial celebration where the ladies bonded over their losses. Apparently, Siggy doesn’t really enjoy this new housewife, as she feels she may be stealing the spotlight from her. Perhaps she wanted more credit for planning the trip.

“She organized a memorial for Teresa’s mother, ordered a wreath and booked a paddleboard instructor from my beach club—my private beach club—and never said a word to me. Me, the member of the beach club who sponsored the weekend. This means she used my name to get into my beach club to plan an event for people she met less than 48 hours earlier,” Siggy Flicker explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that Margaret had clearly used Siggy’s personal connections to go above and beyond for people she had just met.

Perhaps Flicker feels that Josephs is overstepping her welcome. As she explains in her Bravo blog, she had planned out a trip for the ladies and she had every intention of making the weekend fun. But she probably didn’t expect the ladies to start making additional plans without her. She keeps bringing up the issues of class and respect, and she hints that her co-stars have little class for throwing the cake around at a restaurant and has little respect for her when they don’t apologize. Perhaps she sees Margaret’s actions the same way, as she clearly used Siggy’s name without permission to organize the memorial service on the beach for all the ladies.

What do you think about Siggy Flicker’s comments about the new housewife? Are you surprised that she did so much to accommodate Teresa and Melissa, including using Flicker’s name to get into the beach club?

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