Jason Momoa’s Rape Joke At ‘Game Of Thrones’ Comic-Con Sparks Uproar On Twitter, Actor Apologizes [Update]

Jason Momoa’s rape joke during a 2011 Comic-Con panel interview with his co-stars in HBO’s Game of Thrones resurfaced in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s controversial sexual harassment allegations, leaving the actor vulnerable to criticism on social media.

In this sensitive time after the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, the 38-year-old Justice League actor is joining his co-star Ben Affleck in the ranks of the shamed Hollywood men for saying or doing things that people have deemed sexist, Metro reported on Thursday.

A Twitter user shared a past clip of the Aquaman star on the microblogging site for everyone to see.

“Tonight I saw a disgusting clip of Jason Momoa making a rape joke and I am absolutely repulsed,” Twitter user elizabeth wrote on October 9.

She then posted the actual footage in question where Momoa, who appeared to be at a Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel in 2011, was being asked what he loved most about being part of the cast of HBO’s highest-grossing TV series.

The 38-year-old started off serious in answering the question that was cut out from the clip, and said he loved working on the show because “there are so many things you can do like rape beautiful women.”

This immediately raised a red flag for scrupulous social media users, with many “crossing” Momoa off as the “last hope for men.”

In Affleck’s case, it was an act bordering on sexual harassment, so he immediately apologized for it. However, the Hawaiian native may have been entirely kidding when he unleashed the rape joke, which was clearly a reference to his role in the show; he starred as the Dothraki king Khal Drogo alongside Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen.

Jason Momoa's Rape Joke In A 2011 Game Of Thrones Comic-Con Panel Resurfaces, Causing Twitter Uproar
[Image by HBO]

Those familiar with Game of Thrones wouldn’t be surprised at the joke simply because Momoa played an obstinate character who was part of a tribe that perceived women as mere objects. But that was until Drogo met his match in Clarke’s character, who is now more popularly known as the Mother of Dragons. In fact, the two were actually featured in a rape sequence for the epic series.

Still, the clip of Jason Momoa’s rape joke resurfaced at the worst possible time as people, especially those who are constantly on the social media platform, have become quite sensitive about rape-related humor as it reemerged in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment scandal.

Fortunately, some netizens were quick to defend the Aquaman star.

UPDATE: 10/12/2017 9:48 PM

The 38-year-old actor has apologized again for his “tasteless” joke via his official Instagram account, saying the reactions to the statement were “justified.”

“I awoke in Australia to the justified reactions by many people to a distasteful joke I made years ago in Hall H for which I am sorry,” he wrote.

“I am still severely disappointed in myself at the insensitivity of my remarks that day. I know my sincerest apology now won’t take away those hurtful words. Rape and sexual harassment can reach anyone and I have seen first hand its painful torment among members of my own family and friends.”

Do you think Jason Momoa’s joke is still relevant to the Harvey Weinstein case? Sound off in the comments below.

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