Eminem, Pink Collaboration Really Happened: Here’s What Went Down

While details of Eminem’s new album remain under wraps, news of his collaboration with Pink, which is supposed to be a secret, is already out. The “Just Give Me a Reason” hitmaker, who is set to release her new album, titled Beautiful Trauma, on Friday, October 13, recently shared the story of how she had to drunkenly beg Eminem to get him to collaborate on a track with her.

The 38-year-old singer recalled how her utter admiration for Eminem encouraged her to write him a love letter, which is her way of asking the legendary rapper to rap with her.

During a Q&A with the Los Angeles Times, Pink revealed that she had been drinking wine when she wrote the song “Revenge.” After drinking some more, she decided to send Eminem an email about the proposition.

She said, in part, “I emailed Eminem and I said, ‘I’ve loved you since you gave me your autograph in 2001 at the MTV Awards, and I’m gonna be a rapper now and you’re gonna rap with me”. And he wrote back and said ‘OK.'”

Eminem may have sent a one-word reply, but that was all Pink needed. Four days later, Eminem sent the track from Rio de Janeiro. Pink gushed at Eminem’s reply and wrote back to him, again thanking and praising him for always coming up with great lyrics. He then sent the same one-word reply.

Eminem and Pink collaboration happened over a drunken email the latter sent to the former.
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“Revenge” is no longer a secret and the track has been leaked online, about 12 hours before it becomes officially available. As expected, the song is about past lovers trying to take revenge on one another. It is also Pink’s attempt at adding a rap Grammy to her list of pop and rock awards. Aside from the interesting and funny story behind the Pink and Eminem collaboration, “Revenge” is quite unusual for fans of Eminem to listen to since the 44-year-old hip-hop artist is almost singing most of the verses.

As previously reported, Pink and Eminem’s collaboration isn’t a first. They did “Won’t Back Down” from Eminem’s 2010 album, Recovery, and “Here Comes the Weekend,” from Pink’s 2012 album, The Truth About Love.

As for Eminem’s new album, fans continue to wait for an official announcement. Reports have it, though, that this new album is expected to be out on November 17. Currently, the “Lose Yourself” rapper is making headlines even more with his new anti-Trump freestyle rap.

Watch the video below for Pink’s interview with ITV UK.

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