Kylie Jenner Covers Supposed Baby Bump To Extreme While Pregnancy Rumors Continue And Star Refuses To Admit

Kylie Jenner is rumored to be six months pregnant with the baby of her current rapper beau Travis Scott. Although the rumors have been rampant, and fans of the reality star are convinced that Jenner has been giving hints about the supposed baby’s gender, Kylie has yet to confirm the pregnancy, as the Daily Mail reminds.

However, it seems that the star’s Instagram posts lately are quite opposite to those that Jenner normally makes, seeing as lately the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been covering up her physique to the extreme.

Kylie’s most recent behavior on the social media platform, wherein she seems to be going above and beyond to cover the said baby bump, has fans even more assured that, despite a confirmation, that Jenner is, in fact, pregnant. Or is she? Could the Life of Kylie star simply be capitalizing on the rumor to keep people guessing and draw an even bigger audience?

Fans, however seem convinced that the pregnancy is a fact and not a fabrication. In one Instagram post, Kylie is covered completely in a heavy winter jacket, totally masking her mid section. Another post shows the star in a baggy striped shirt, once again, out of the ordinary for Jenner, seeing as she usually poses in revealing attire, that often bare her midriff.

One post in particular, as the Mirror noted, had fans in a frenzy seeing as Jenner is said to have hinted that the gender of the baby may be a boy, when deciding on which phone case color to go with for the shot.

“She was holding up her phone for a mirror selfie – showing a phone cover case featuring lips with blue gloss dripping from them. She had pondered via social media: ‘Which one? I’m thinking blue.'”

Fans immediately began to weigh in, accusing Jenner of teasing about the baby’s sex, via this vague allusion to the possible pregnancy, as the publication relays.

“@KylieJenner is def having a boy. I see the hints you dropping girl… Tell me @KylieJenner ‘s not trying to say it’s a boy… @KylieJenner are you thinking blue bc you’re having a boy??”


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Jenner was also spotted recently trying to scurry past photographers and media to her car while doing her level best to keep her mid-section under wraps.

Kylie Jenner has been dating rapper Travis Scott since April of this year, and, as stated, neither have confirmed the alleged pregnancy.

[Featured Image by David Becke/ Getty Images]