Jessica Chastain Tweets Her Support Of Matt Damon Amid Scandal Surrounding Harvey Weinstein

Since the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct broke, there have been plenty of individuals who have come under fire for being complicit in keeping the studio executive’s actions quiet, including Russell Crowe and Matt Damon. In fact, there was even a report that these two actors actually helped to gut a story that would have exposed Weinstein’s behavior years ago. One person who has been very vocal about the entire situation is Jessica Chastain, who has been speaking out on Twitter, condemning both the studio executive and anyone who helped to keep his alleged misconduct quiet.

After a story was published by Sharon Waxman that seemed to indicate that Matt Damon was one of the men who helped to quiet an expose which would have revealed to the world what was happeing with Harvey Weinstein, many people were quick to demonize the actor. However, Damon decided to tell his side of the story in a sit down interview where he explained that he had no knowledge of what Weinstein was doing, or what the piece by Waxman was all about.

Not only did Sharon Waxman back what Matt Damon said in his interview in a tweeted response to the article, but now Jessica Chastain is also tweeting her support of the actor. In her tweet, Waxman said that she supports the statement that Damon made, and that he would not have known what her expose was actually about because it was an investigative piece, and he did not need to know. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jessica Chastain also responded to the actor’s statement by retweeting his interview, with a message which said that she actually believes that the man was manipulated, and after having spent time with him on The Martian, she knows that Matt Damon is a “really good guy.”

While Jessica Chastain might be defending Matt Damon now that he has issued his own statement about his knowledge, or lack thereof, when it comes to the Harvey Weinstein allegations, after the initial piece by Sharon Waxman seemed to indicate that the actor helped cover things up, the actress said that it was “heart shattering” to learn that he might be involved in some way. Since the actor attempted to clear things up, Chastain has tried to show her support by not only standing behind his statement, but also retweeting Waxman’s own defense of the actor.

Although Matt Damon might be under fire because of the report that seemed to point to him as being one of the reasons that an expose on Harvey Weinstein was never published, it seems that even the initial author of the piece is defending the actor. However, even with Jessica Chastain and Sharon Waxman tweeting their support of Damon, the actor is still being faced with what seems like plenty of suspicion over what he might have known.

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