Javi Marroquin Desperate For Money? Fans Speculate About ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Motive

Javi Marroquin decided to get a job while filming the earlier seasons of Teen Mom 2. He decided to get involved with the military and spent time in the Air Force. He was sent overseas for six months and returned to learn that his marriage had fallen apart. Kailyn Lowry had filed for divorce, and she was ready to take everything they owned. Marroquin was left with nothing when he returned, and he couldn’t even borrow a car seat from Kailyn. Even though he’s working, one can imagine he doesn’t earn as much as he did from filming the show. After announcing he filmed Marriage Boot Camp with Lowry, people started to suspect he would do anything for money.

According to a new Instagram video that Javi Marroquin just shared, his followers are slamming him for choosing to film Marriage Boot Camp with his ex-wife. At the time they were filming, Kailyn was pregnant. It is possible that she didn’t even know she was pregnant at the time. It is also possible she was in the early stages and Marroquin already knew about the baby. Regardless, his followers are essentially revealing that they want him to stop doing things with his ex-wife for money. In the past few weeks, Marroquin has promoted both Marriage Boot Camp and a dual book publication, where he will share his side of the story.

“Omg u guys hate to work so much u do anything for money,” one person wrote on Instagram.

However, another came to Javi’s defense, writing, “Um Javi is in the military. He technically doesn’t need the money but hey I’d do stupid shit too for a little extra cash to travel like he does with the boys.”

On Teen Mom 2, Javi Marroquin revealed that he didn’t need child support to care for his son, Lincoln. He was filing for child support in hopes of getting some money for savings. However, he ended up dropping his request for child support. One can imagine he got money for filming Marriage Boot Camp, and some fans believe he may have filmed the show for financials alone. They believe he could be doing reality television for the paychecks and the fame. Perhaps the motive to film this new show wasn’t money but more professional help so he and Kailyn could learn how to co-parent their son, Lincoln.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin’s decision to film Marriage Boot Camp? Do you think he’s doing it for the money, or do you think they genuinely needed the help to figure out a co-parenting plan?

[Featured Image by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]