Women At Plant Violate Code In Iran, Shed Traditional Dress

Women at a plant in Iran are violating code, dressing without traditional Islamic garb despite a promise to do so inside the country’s sole nuclear plant.

A report out of Tehran indicates that an Iranian lawmaker uncovered the uncovered Russian women, who are supposed to carry out their work-related tasks in head to toe attire as mandated by religious doctrine.

The Clarion Ledger cites a report yesterday on the women at the plant who allegedly violate the code regarding Islamic dress, saying the lawmaker is concerned that the Russian women are impacting Iranians both inside and outside the nuclear plant with their immodest dress:

“A Tuesday report by the semiofficial ISNA news agency quotes Mahdi Mousavinejad, a representative of the southern Iranian port of Bushehr, where the plant is located, as saying violation of dress code by the Russian workers has had a ‘corrupting and negative impact’ on his constituency.”

The Christian Post indicates that the “prominent Iranian lawmaker made accusations detailing that Russian women working at the nuclear power plant continually defy the country’s Islamic dress code, which states that all women must cover themselves so as only to expose the eyes while in public,” but neither report explains whether the women who violate plant code to shed the dress requirements are engaging in the behavior for safety reasons or simply reject the sensibility overall. The Post continues:

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“Mousavinejad explained that he will take the issue to the Iranian parliament. The lawyer did not reveal how many women were involved or the exact actions that led to his decision.”

It is unclear what action the Iranian lawmaker is seeking to address the women at the plant who violate codes of Islamic dress.