Suri Cruise Begging To See Tom Cruise After 4 Years Apart, Or Is Katie Holmes Keeping Shocking Secret Pact?

Tom Cruise reportedly hasn’t seen Suri Cruise, the daughter who he shares with Katie Holmes, for four years. Now 11-years-old, Suri is at an age where she reportedly is asking her mother about her father. One report even claimed that Katie’s and Tom’s daughter is begging to see her dad. But is there actually a secret reason, shockingly kept from the public and media spotlight for years, keeping Cruise and his youngest child separated for so long?

Tom Cruise Gets Heartbreaking Request From Suri?

Gossip Cop investigated a tabloid story that Suri had made a “heartbreaking plea” to her estranged father Tom Cruise. The tabloid’s cover claimed to have the inside story on the little girl’s dramatic decision to contact Cruise following 1,487 days of separation and “years of tears.”

The tale described how Katie Holmes’ and Jamie Foxx’s romance, which recently went public, had caused Suri to miss Tom more than ever, alleging that Katie’s and Jamie’s relationship motivated her daughter to try to connect with Cruise.

“Desperately missing her dad, the 11-year-old asks her father a poignant, heartbreaking question: ‘When can I see you?'”

In addition to touting Holmes’ and Foxx’s romance, the story went into detail about Suri’s allegedly “poignant plea” to Tom.

Does Katie Holmes have a secret pact with Tom Cruise that's led to heartbreak for their daughter Suri Cruise?
Does Katie Holmes have a secret pact with Tom Cruise that's led to heartbreak for their daughter Suri Cruise? [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen]

Katie Holmes Arranges For Suri To Skype Tom Cruise?

An insider quoted by the tabloid claimed that Suri became emotional in her message to Cruise, asking if she had done something wrong that made Tom stay away from his daughter so long. The source also claimed that the little girl “begged” her father to visit her, alleging that Katie had set up a system to make it possible for Cruise to communicate with Suri.

“Tom likely still Skypes and talks to his daughter.”

The question then arised of how Holmes can explain Cruise’s absence to her 11-year-old child. The insider came up with the answer, saying that Katie has sought to make excuses for Tom by telling Suri that Cruise’s busy film schedule makes it challenging to travel to see his daughter.

Tom To Ask Scientology To Let Him Visit Suri Cruise In 2017?

The source also claimed that at 11, Suri is a “smart cookie” and is aware that Tom spends time with his older children, Connor and Isabella. Speculating on the real reason for the separation between Cruise and his youngest offspring, the insider speculated on what could change after Tom allegedly discovered Suri’s heartbreak.

“I believe something changed in him after he learned just how heartbroken Suri still is,” said the source.

“Tom may be considering asking the church [of Scientology] to make an exception and let him have a face-to-face visit with his little girl soon.”

The insider also offered up a clashing claim, saying that Cruise attended Suri’s school orientation in New York City two years ago despite also claiming that Tom hadn’t seen his daughter in four years. And more than the math is wrong about this story, a rep for Katie told Gossip Cop.

“Nothing in the story is true,” said Holmes’ rep.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes recently went public with their romance. Did that relationship cause Suri Cruise to miss her dad Tom more than ever?
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes recently went public with their romance. Did that relationship cause Suri Cruise to miss her dad Tom more than ever?[Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Keep Secret Agreement?

Hollywood Gossip also checked out and discounted the tabloid’s tale about Suri pleading to see Cruise. But the publication offered up an interesting insight into why Tom and his youngest daughter have stayed apart for so long, speculating that Cruise and Katie have a secret pact to keep him separated from Suri.

“This [separation between Tom and Suri] is probably part of a long-standing agreement between the parents, and likely for the best.”

Noting that the little girl has been photographed with Holmes for years, the publication brought up the question of whether Suri knows about the rumored pact between her parents. If that agreement does exist, it would explain why Cruise and his youngest child have been apart for so long.

But as for Tom considering leaving Scientology to spend with Suri? It’s not likely, noted the media outlet.

“The Church of Scientology does everything for Tom Cruise,” pointed out the publication. “They want him happy and he never wants to leave.”

That situation makes the rest of the tale even more dubious. It’s still not known, however, what Holmes has told her daughter about why Tom is absent from her life. But it is seen as likely that Cruise and his ex-wife worked out an arrangement to keep the Mission Impossible actor on his own turf, allowing Katie to raise her child in a relatively normal environment.

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