P!nk Doesn’t Want To Meet ‘Certain Republicans,’ Says Trump Voting Dad Must ‘Hate’ Her

Singer P!nk is speaking out about politics and admitting that there are “certain Republicans” she hopes never to meet.

The star, who told her Twitter followers that she feels there’s “still hope” for Donald Trump and his presidency earlier this week, opened up about her political beliefs in a new interview and defended her right to speak out about what she believes in when it comes to politics.

“I prejudge certain types — like maybe at this point certain Republicans that I haven’t met that I feel like I understand and don’t really want to meet,” P!nk, whose real name is Alecia Moore, told LA Times in a new interview, confessing to the outlet that her 72-year-old dad is a Republican and voted for Trump.

“I’d have to hate him too, and I don’t — I love him,” she told the outlet, explaining she doesn’t hate all Republicans who have a different opinion to hers. “I think he’s a fascinating man that’s grown into some of his opinions. Which are surprising.”

She then recalled a conversation she had with her dad about politics prior to the 2016 presidential election and, despite them seemingly having a good relationship away from their political views, revealed that she told him she believes he must “hate” her after he explained his plans to vote for Trump.

“I think the last thing I said to him was, ‘You must hate me if that’s the way you’re going with your vote,'” she said, implying that her dad is a Trump supporter. “That’s as far as we go.”

She also explained that she played her politically charged song “Dear Mr. President” for her dad and said that he had a surprisingly positive response.

P!nk also opened up in the candid new interview about being so outspoken when it comes to politics, as she’s voiced her disdain for Donald Trump on multiple occasions in the past.

“If I take an action, I mean it, and I will take the consequences that come with that, celebrity or not,” she said. “I pay taxes. I vote in every election. I educate myself on what’s going on all over the world. So why shouldn’t I have an opinion?”

The singer then slammed people who tell her and her fellow musicians to “shut up and sing” and stay out of politics and stick to music.

P!nk Doesn't Want To Meet 'Certain Republicans,' Says Her Trump Voting Dad Must 'Hate' Her
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“No! Nobody should shut up. Everybody should be talking,” P!nk hit back at the suggestion that she should keep her political beliefs to herself. “‘I was raised with the mantra ‘Dissent is the cornerstone of democracy.’ We’re supposed to disagree. You don’t really know how you feel until you have to defend it.”

P!nk most recently got into some controversy on social media after she told fans on October 10 that she believes there’s “still hope” for Trump to turn things around amid the controversy surrounding his presidency.

The tweet had a number of fans accusing the star of supporting the president and even voting for him last year, something the “What About Us” singer vehemently denied in an expletive ridden tweet.

After accusing one fan of “sniffing glue” after they suggested that she had voted for Trump, she added, “I’m sorry y’all. I assumed you all knew who the f**k I am and what the f**k I stand for.”

“I did not vote for Trump. That tweet was not an endorsement. I’m as disgusted as you to even imagine a person like me would endorse him,” she then added in retaliation.

P!nk also slammed Trump and his followers the day after the election in November and seemingly urged anyone who supported his presidency to block and unfollow her.

“To any of you closet racists, homophobes, sexists… please block me. Please unfollow me. We do not respect each other,” P!nk captioned a selfie uploaded to the social media site which appeared to be addressed to Trump and his supporters.

“You do not have my respect, and I obviously don’t have yours. We are not friends,” she then added.

What do you think of P!nk’s latest political remarks?

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