Harvey Weinstein Has Meltdown: Flips-Off The Public, Flags Down Stranger For Ride, All Before Boarding Plane

Harvey Weinstein has had a busy week, but it is not the kind of busy the Hollywood mogul is used to. Tensions continue to mount for Weinstein as more and more women seemingly come out of the woodwork to detail his casting couch misconduct, with some of these accusations dating back decades.

“I gotta get help… we all make mistakes,” Weinstein said during what headlines deem a “meltdown” in front of the reporters who were following his every move before his departure to an Arizona rehab.

According to the Daily Mail, Weinstein’s alleged behavior with women who were vying to become Hollywood stars is not the only headline about the Hollywood producer today.

Weinstein’s woes are now topped off by the news that the FBI is embarking on an investigation into the Hollywood mogul’s casting couch strategies. According to the Daily Mail, they have just learned that the FBI has opened a probe into the accusations made about Weinstein.

Before leaving for a rehab, which is well-known for its treatment of sex addiction and behavioral issues, Weinstein flipped off the masses while entering his lawyer’s office earlier in the day. He was surrounded by “stern-faced and suited male members of his entourage,” reports the Daily Mail. From there, he was captured on video and in pictures again leaving his daughter’s home for the airport.

The cameras were lined up to get the last pictures of the disgraced Weinstein before leaving for a 45-day inpatient program. According to the Daily Mail, Weinstein looked “disheveled” in jeans and a T-shirt, and reports indicate he was “clearly agitated” as he left his daughter’s home and got into a black SUV for the first leg of his journey to rehab.

He said to reporters, “Guys, I’m not doing OK but I’m trying. I gotta get help. I’m hanging in, I’m trying my best.”

The Sun describes Weinstein’s behavior as a “pathetic meltdown” as he got ready to leave for rehab. His “undignified appearance” in front of reporters is described as Weinstein having a “meltdown,” which followed a chaotic scene that occurred earlier in the day at his daughter’s house. Weinstein’s daughter called 911 with concerns that her father might be suicidal, and that was followed by an argument in the street with his daughter.

The 65-year-old Hollywood mogul had gone to his daughter’s house, Remy, 22, to comfort her because she was so upset with what was happening to her father via the headlines. According to the Sun, Remy reportedly overreacted, said a friend, by calling the police and reporting her father as possibly “suicidal.” Weinstein in the street in front of his daughter’s house is seen in a YouTube video that is posted at the end of this article.

The row they had in the street, which is described as a “screaming match,” had Weinstein telling his daughter that she “made things worse” by calling 911. This is when he reportedly “begged a stranger” for a ride after flagging a vehicle down in the street. The incident was resolved without action taken by the police, as indicated an earlier article by the Inquisitr.

According to another article from the Daily Mail, the famous Hollywood mogul was reduced to “begging a stranger for a ride” when he flagged down that motorist. His behavior was described as deteriorating as the hours drew closer to his departure time for his flight to rehab. As many as 30 women have come forth and accused Weinstein of acts that entail incidents of sexual harassment to the horrific charge of rape.

At one point before he left on his journey of disgrace, he turned to reporters and said, “You know, we all make mistakes….second chance I hope.”

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