‘Counting On’ Star Derick Dillard Breaks More Duggar Rules Amid Joy-Anna Duggar Shotgun Wedding Scandal

Another member of the Duggar family has gone rogue. Derick Dillard was just caught dancing the night away at a party, even though his spouse’s family strictly prohibits dancing of any kind. How did fans react to the family’s latest scandal?

According to Radar Online, Derick shared a video of himself dancing with a group of men at a bonfire. Derick is the husband of Jill Duggar, and, as fans of 19 Kids and Counting are well aware, dancing is well outside the bounds of the family’s strict set of rules. As Michelle Duggar once outlined, dancing arouses dangerous feelings and promotes drugs and sex. Fans, of course, were quick to point out the violation on social medial and noted how the party looked pretty wild.

Unfortunately, Derick didn’t stop with one video. He also shared and promptly deleted a clip of him dancing to the song, “Despacito.” Given the track’s sexual lyrics, the video caused a lot of outrage amongst Counting On fans. In an effort to redeem himself, Derick later posted a bible verse on social media about adultery.

Derick’s slip-up is only the latest controversy to hit the ultra-conservative family. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth’s marriage came under fire after the couple was accused of getting pregnant before their wedding. The rumors of a shotgun wedding first surfaced when the pair decided to abruptly move their wedding date up by five months.

The rumors ramped up after Joy-Anna announced her pregnancy three months after the wedding. The size of her baby bump left fans speculating about when Joy-Anna actually got pregnant, and that the couple may have moved the wedding date to hide the baby. Even worse, some fans accused the couple of posting old photos to make it seem like she isn’t that far along.

Joy-Anna and Austin have not addressed the rumors of a shotgun wedding. They recently shared another picture of Joy-Anna’s baby bump and commented about how they are excited to start a family together. Whether or not the baby was conceived before the wedding is yet to be determined.


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