Trump Blames Puerto Rico For Financial Crisis, Says It Was Disaster Before Hurricane, Quotes Sharyl Attkisson

President Donald Trump took to Twitter early Thursday morning to address the crisis in Puerto Rico, in order to blame Puerto Rico for their own problems. Trump quoted Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative journalist, in his initial tweet about Puerto Rico, which was published at 6:49 a.m. on October 12. According to Trump, Sharyl said that Puerto Rico has survived the storms and the financial crisis that exists is one of their own making. Trump went on to write about Puerto Rico’s power grid and infrastructure, calling both a “disaster” prior to any storms.

However, below viral Twitter videos like the one from a former Staff Sergeant and Calvary Scout on the ground in Puerto Rico tell a much different story, with testimonies of people still struggling to survive in Puerto Rico. Reports of families only receiving a very limited amount of food to share are surfacing, along with going for days without food as an estimated 80 percent of the island goes without power. According to CNN, the death toll now stands at 45 almost three weeks after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, with most of the island still experiencing a lack of power.

Chuck Schumer replied to Trump’s controversial tweet, as seen below, when Schumer asked the president why he continued to treat Puerto Ricans in a different manner than Trump did when it came to other Americans who experienced natural disasters. Commentators are noting that President Trump did not take to Twitter to blame Floridians and Texans for problems in the wake of hurricanes.

President Donald Trump is receiving plenty of blowback from Twitter users due to his comments that point fingers at Puerto Rico while the island is suffering. The general theme of Trump’s detractors advise him to have compassion on the U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico. Twitter users note that Puerto Rico shouldn’t be blamed for their problems due to their heritage or any notions Trump may harbor that Puerto Ricans somehow deserve less relief than other American citizens.

Trump is being reminded that the people of Puerto Rico are Americans that he represents as President of the U.S., and Twitter users are begging Trump to do more than blame victims.

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]