Alec Baldwin Reportedly Eyed Chucking Drink At Motorist In ‘Meltdown’ On NYC Street

Alec Baldwin allegedly wasted a perfectly good drink and made a scene on the streets of New York City this week in the same neighborhood where he’s had his previous reported public meltdowns of anger. Baldwin was seen by a “fellow pedestrian,” who described to Fox News how the actor was arguing with a driver and passenger of a car. This confrontation reportedly escalated into Baldwin calling them out of the vehicle while embarking on an angry tirade.

The reported location of the incident was in the area of University Place and 11th Street in Manhattan. While the source described Baldwin’s fit of anger toward the occupants of the vehicle, they only caught the aftermath of the incident. They didn’t see what happened to provoke Baldwin’s “drink-throwing meltdown.”

According to Fox News, the verbal exchange was “presumably” the result of a reckless motorist and from there it snowballed into insults and soft drink-throwing on Baldwin’s part. Alec Baldwin reportedly drew attention to himself while exchanging words with these two people in a “big black SUV.”

Baldwin was said to repeatedly ask both the driver and the passenger to get out of the car, beckoning the driver by calling him “meatball.” The people in the car didn’t oblige Baldwin’s invitation, which seemingly got Baldwin’s gander up even more because he took out his cell phone and started to videotape the people in the vehicle, conveys the witness.

As the SUV started to pull away, Baldwin was said to have snapped a picture of the vehicle’s license plate before angrily chucking his soft drink at the moving SUV in a grand finale-like ending to the incident. It was an “extra-large” soft drink to boot! Baldwin has had a few meltdowns on the streets of the Big Apple in the past that have made the headlines for his display of anger.

It was back in 2014 when a bike-riding Alec Baldwin was stopped by police for going the wrong way down Fifth Avenue, reports Fox. As CNN News reports in an article from back in May of 2014, Baldwin was arrested during this incident.

It wasn’t an incident that would end with the average citizen in handcuffs, but it was Alec Baldwin’s reported behavior that prompted the cops to detain him. It was the actor’s angered reaction to the NYPD officers that awarded him a brief stint in a pair of handcuffs. According to CNN, when police asked him for identification and issued him a summons for bike-riding “against the flow of traffic,” Baldwin got angry.

At the time Deputy Chief Kim Y. Royster told reporters: “Police stated that he got belligerent and started arguing with them and using profanity.” He wasn’t carrying identification with him at the time. Baldwin didn’t let this incident drop, he later tweeted the badge number of the arresting officer, blaming that officer for the incident.

Baldwin has a history in NYC of displaying his anger in public. In 2011 he berated a barista in Starbucks and a Post Photographer was the recipient of a homophobic rant in 2013, according to Fox News.

[Featured Image by Seth Wenig/AP Images]