‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 112 Spoilers: Jiren Shows No Mercy, Eliminates Universe 6’s Strongest Fighter!

The upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super will be featuring the intense battle between Jiren of Universe 11 and Hit of Universe 6. Unfortunately, the fight will not last long and the latest DBS spoilers revealed the fate of one of the strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power.

Son Goku and Jiren finally engaged in a serious battle with both fighters showcasing a power comparable to the Gods of Destruction. However, Goku’s new transformation, Ultra Instinct, is only temporary, leading for Jiren to easily defeat him. When Jiren was about to finish Goku, Hit came in and launched an attack.

The assassin returned the favor to Goku for saving him against Dyspo. The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 showed that Hit is no match for Jiren despite using his special technique, Time Skip. However, in the latter part of the preview, Hit finally managed to land a clean punch and push back the enemy.

Unfortunately, his battle against Jiren could possibly be Hit’s last fight in the Tournament of Power. On his Twitter account, Odd Blankenship posted the title and summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 112. The summary gives a major hint on the conclusion of the battle between Jiren and Hit.

“Now that Universe 6 has lost Hit, the other universe take advantage and go after them! Amidst this, Vegeta goes to try and rescue his disciple Cabba!!!”

The news that Jiren defeats Hit is not surprising at all. The gap between their power is relatively huge. However, Dragon Ball Super fans didn’t anticipate Hit will be eliminated earlier than they expected, believing he’s one of the last fighters standing in the tournament.

After losing their strongest fighter, there is a minimal chance that Universe 6 will win in the Tournament of Power. As stated in the summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 112, they will now be the main target of most fighters in the World of Void. Without Hit, Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale are the only reliable fighters of Universe 6. However, none of them possessed the power that can rival Jiren and Son Goku. If no one will step up, there is a higher possibility that Universe 6 will be the next universe to be erased.

[Featured Image by Dash Toriyama | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]