‘The Little Couple’ Jen Arnold Shares Hardships And Finding True Love In Bill Klein Despite Her Condition

The Little Couple is currently airing its ninth season on TLC, which proves the amount of love and support its stars, Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, and their kids, are receiving from the public. While the couple may be successful and receiving a lot of love from fans, Arnold recently opened up about the struggles of having her condition on her life, career, and love life.

The Little Couple stars Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, and their two kids recently made a big decision to move to Florida after Jen received an offer to become the medical director for Johns Hopkins. While one could not help but view Jen and Bill’s lives as inspirational, Jen admitted during a conference that it was difficult for her to get where she is right now.

Jen shared that the secret to her success was by learning to “THINK BIG,” with each letter representing a certain message, reports Tampa Bay Business Journal. The Little Couple star said that she learned that she should “Try” despite being born with her condition and having been subjected to 30 surgeries as a child.

Jen held on to “Hope,” which is why she admitted that there was a time when she didn’t feel that she was different from her friends. “Initiate” was the next lesson The Little Couple star talked about wherein she discussed the difficulties of pursuing her dream to become a doctor.

Jen shared that she submitted applications to 30 different schools, but only received a request for an interview from two of those schools, including Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Jen said that many people may be afraid to take the first step, but it is exactly what one needs to do to realize their dreams and aspirations in life.

Jen also prompted everyone to never listen to anyone who tells them “No.” K stands for “Knowing” what your capabilities and strengths are while B is for “Believing.” In this aspect, The Little Couple star said that she initially had hesitations when it comes to dating and whether she was going to find anyone.

Jen shared that she tried an online dating site specifically for little people, and this was where she fell in love at first sight. The star from the TLC reality series said that one should believe if one wishes to make something come true.

“You can’t make true love happen… but it’s only going to happen if you never stop believing it’s possible.”

The Little Couple star went on and said that one should never stop “Improving” themselves. G stands for “Go” for it wherein Jen recounted when she was diagnosed with cancer. Jen shared that the diagnosis was unexpected but this was how she realized that she should just go and do what she wants in life.

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Shorty Awards]