‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Get Their Wish: Cornelia Marie Is Back For Season 14, With Captain Josh Harris At Helm!

“We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!” Captain Josh Harris, Captain Casey McManus and the entire crew of the F/V Cornelia Marie are excited to announce that they are returning to the Deadliest Catch, Season 14!

The crab fishing boat is heading off from Dutch Harbor, into the Bering Sea, on Saturday, with a full Discovery Channel camera crew. As dedicated Deadliest Catch fans know, and Captain Josh reminds Yahoo Entertainment, who exclusively spoke to the captains, that you “never leave on a Friday,” especially Friday the 13th.

Captain Josh also addressed why the F/V Cornelia Marie was not on Deadliest Catch Season 13. While there were rumors swirling that perhaps the calm son of the late, great Captain Phil Harris was not dramatic enough for the popular reality show, Josh explains that it was actually some real life drama in the Harris family that kept the famed fishing boat off of the show.

“I had a lot of family issues going on. I had [multiple] people in ICU at the same time, and that put a kibosh on things — I had to be home. Going to visit everybody in ICU isn’t exactly a fun time or stuff that necessarily needs to be filmed.”

As the Inquisitr had previously reported, Captain Grant Harris, Josh and Jake Harris’ grandfather, and the late Captain Phil’s father passed away nearly a year ago.

This season, during opie season, Josh is going to honor his grandfather’s wishes and spread Captain Grant Harris’ ashes in the same Bering Sea spot where they spread his father’s ashes, over seven years ago.

“He wanted to be buried with my dad [Capt. Phil Harris], who’s buried out here.”

Surely, the Discovery cameras will share this solemn event, as well as the cool new upgrades on the F/V Cornelia Marie. There is a new “state-of-the-art wheelhouse,” which may challenge Josh, as there are a “lot more buttons” for the young captain to push.

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Fans of the show may remember watching Captain Josh Harris’ successful crab fishing season during the Deadliest Catch Season 12 and may wonder why Captain Casey McManus is still fishing with Josh.

Like the Hillstrand brothers, Captain Johnathan and Captain Andy who rotated seasons, the two captains will take the helm during different crab fishing seasons: Captain Casey will be in charge during king crab, while Captain Josh will be behind the wheel during opies.

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Casey explains that it is not that two captains are not really necessary. Instead, it means that two captains are more “fun,” and makes the responsible job of being a captain a little less stressful.

“Now it’s a get-out-and-go-fishing-as-a-team thing. It’s just kind of nice to have both of us up here. It’s easier on both of us, stress-wise. It’s not that we both have to be here, but it’s just so much more fun with the both of us here.”

Captain Casey also realizes how much love there is for Captain Phil Harris, and for his two sons, Josh and Jake, by all the scores of Deadliest Catch fans. The fans are the reason that the F/V Cornelia Marie has returned to the show.

“Because that Harris name was so strong and everybody loved Phil so much, nobody wants to see this boat just disappear.”

The Deadliest Catch Season 14 will bring back a Harris, and the beloved F/V Cornelia Marie, as well as the F/V Northwestern, F/V Wizard, F/V Summer Bay, F/V Saga and the F/V Brenna A. This means that Captains Sig, Keith, Wild Bill, Jake, and Sean will return. But, it also means goodbye to the F/V Time Bandit and the recently retired Captain Johnathan and the rest of the Hillstrands. Deadliest Catch 2018 will begin airing sometime in the early spring.

Are you happy to read that Captain Josh Harris and the F/V Cornelia Marie are returning to the Deadliest Catch Season 14? Are you upset that the F/V Time Bandit will not return? Please share your thoughts and opinions below.

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