‘Quantico’ Season 3: Priyanka Chopra Now In Italy For Show’s Production

From Los Angeles to New York, Priyanka Chopra now flies to Italy for the filming of Quantico Season 3. It has been said that the 35-year-old star is going to be with Jake McLaughlin as their television characters Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth need to hide in the European country after President Henry Roarke’s (Dennis Boutsikaris) death.

The Indian actress is taking her fans with her and she is definitely having fun as seen on her Instagram posts. She even visited some heritage sites in Rome before she started shooting. She shared her photo in Vatican, in Castel Sant’Angelo, in Colosseum, and in Pantheon. After being out and about, she posted a picture of the drama thriller series’ shooting in Tuscany, Italy. “Under the Tuscan sun… #quantico3 begins…” she captioned the photo.

TV Line reported that Quantico Season 3’s first episode will be shot in Italy. Alex and Ryan are branded as fugitives by the United States and will be hiding in the country after they run away from the government. There is now an ongoing worldwide manhunt to find these two former FBI agents.

Under the Tuscan sun.. #quantico3 begins... @abcquantico #onwardsandupwards ❤️???????????????????? #grato

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They are being blamed for the death of President Roarke while the truth is he committed suicide. The ex-POTUS shot himself after being involved in a scandal about the Federal Security Service giving brainpower to revise the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

Thus, Alex and Ryan are running for their lives as every federal organization is after them in Quantico Season 3. In fact, even the CIA is looking for the two ex-officers. These institutes will do everything to find them and make them pay for a crime they didn’t do.

To recall, the former top recruit at Quantico took a big risk when she exposed the connection of President Roarke in the U.S. classified intelligence to the public at the Constitutional Convention in the previous season. She was issued with Red Notice by the INTERPOL and left the country with her significant other.

Quantico Season 3 is set to return in 2018 on ABC. However, it will be shorter than usual with only 13 episodes. Its first two seasons had 22 chapters each.

[Featured Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]