WWE Fires Jimmy Jacobs For Taking Photo With The Bullet Club

It was three weeks ago that The Bullet Club showed up outside of The Staples Center in Los Angeles and staged a “Raw Invasion.” This was a fun event where they mingled with fans, took photos and videos, and paid homage to the WWE invasion of WCW Monday Nitro two decades ago. However, one WWE superstar made a mistake during this invasion and lost his job because of it.

WWE Fires Jimmy Jacobs

When The Bullet Club invaded Monday Night Raw, WWE producer Jimmy Jacobs met up with them and took a photo with his old friends. Jacobs then posted the photo on his Instagram account with the words “pleasant surprise to see old friends in lovely California.”

While there should be nothing wrong with taking a picture with old friends, even if they do wrestle for other companies, the WWE was already angry at the entire invasion stunt itself. Seemingly ignoring the fact that they did the exact same thing with DX almost 20 years ago, the WWE has been throwing their weight around.

The biggest move seems to be firing Jimmy Jacobs. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that the WWE let Jimmy go last week and the reason was that there was “major heat” on him posting the photo with the Bullet Club.

The WWE has refused to confirm that they fired Jimmy Jacobs but have not denied it as well, simply refusing to comment on the situation. Dave Meltzer took to Twitter and backed up PW Sheet, saying the scoop was 100 percent accurate.

Jimmy Jacobs joined the WWE creative team in 2015 and has worked as a writer for the Monday Night Raw brand. Chris Jericho credited Jacobs with coming up with the idea for “The List” during his last run.

WWE Still Angry At Bullet Club Invasion

The WWE firing Jimmy Jacobs for taking a photo with The Bullet Club was just the latest of the repercussions of the Monday Night Raw invasion. To recap, that included The Young Bucks, Hangman Adam Page, Cody Rhodes, and Marti Scurll showing up at the event.

The Young Bucks have always paid homage to the nWo, using the “Too Sweet” hand gestures and more. However, after the Monday Night Raw invasion, the WWE sent a cease and desist letter to the Young Bucks to demand they stop using WWE intellectual property, including the hand gesture and “Too Sweet” and “Suck It” catchphrases.

This is interesting because Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan — the three men who formed the nWo — have all said they find the tribute respectful. However, the WWE owns the trademarks and 411mania reported that they could hit the Young Bucks with $150,000 or more in damages if they continue to use it.

This includes shirts The Young Bucks are selling as well as a DVD called Too Sweet Journey. The Young Bucks responded with a new T-shirt that was made to mock the WWE.

Jimmy Jacobs has yet to comment on the WWE firing him. However, fans can always expect a return to Ring of Honor, where Jacobs was a star and the Bullet Club are stars.

[Featured Image by Tony Knox/Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 2.0])