Kylie Jenner Abandoned: Travis Scott Walks Out As Pregnant Star Demands ‘KUWTK’ Marriage Ahead Of Baby Birth

Kylie Jenner reportedly saw Travis Scott “walk out” after she mentioned the idea of marrying the rapper in a recent conversation, it has been alleged.

The 20-year-old, who is currently expecting her first child with Scott, has supposedly talked about getting married quite frequently as of late.

Now that she’s pregnant, sources tell In Touch, as cited by Hollywood Life, that Kylie Jenner thinks it’s the perfect time to start thinking about a wedding in the near future.

Being a soon-to-be mother has made Kylie think about marriage a lot — it’s always been something that she’s wanted to experience, so long as it was with the right guy, and Jenner truly believed she had found him.

Unfortunately for the lip kit fanatic, Kylie Jenner was stunned when she mentioned marriage to Travis Scott during a conversation regarding their future together, and from what insiders allege, the 25-year-old stormed off.

He supposedly wasn’t interested in hearing anything about marriage. Travis thinks that having a baby alone is already a huge responsibility, so the first thing he wants to do is adjust to being a father for the first time before even thinking about getting married.

A source adds by saying that Scott walked away from Kylie Jenner because he thinks she’s being unreasonable. She’s beyond pushy when it comes to sudden ideas that enter her mind, and if someone doesn’t agree with her way of thinking, it leads to arguments.

It’s believed that Kylie Jenner didn’t react well to Scott’s sudden decision to walk out on her after telling him about her plans for a wedding in the near future.

He hasn’t dumped her, he just headed somewhere else where Kylie Jenner wasn’t going to bombard him with ideas about the wedding she so desperately wants to plan for next year, as alleged by the news outlet.


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Kylie Jenner is said to be five months into her pregnancy, and from what’s been gathered, the reality star and her pregnant sister, Khloe, will confirm their buns in the oven through a lucrative magazine deal that’ll see them show off their baby bumps on the cover.

No word on what magazine it’ll be just yet.

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