Wendy Williams Furious As ‘Enemy’ Angie Martinez Lands Talk Show Amid Husband Cheating Affair Scandal

Wendy Williams is outraged that her enemy, Angie Martinez, has landed her own talk show pilot with the same production company responsible for Williams’ TV success.

The news came earlier this week, and for Wendy, the 53-year-old was stunned by the announcement, having allegedly told close friends that she didn’t see Debmar-Mercury, the production company, to approach Martinez with an offer.

According to Daily Mail, Wendy Williams feels betrayed that they would even think about working with Angie, seeing that her feud with the radio personality has been well documented over the years.

It was said that Wendy Williams and Angie had a physical altercation in the late ’90s when the mother-of-one had made claims that Q-Tip, the man Martinez had been dating, was secretly gay.

The allegation left Angie uneasy, and as she has publicly mentioned herself in the past, it resulted into quite a big showdown between the two, in which the 46-year-old physically assaulted Wendy Williams, who struggled in fighting back.

Ever since then, the two have not spoken to one another, nor have they wanted to.

Wendy Williams is firmly sticking to the idea that she’s much more entitled to have success on daytime television than someone like Angie, which is why she’s baffled as to why her enemy has now landed a pilot.


Martinez has better contacts when it comes to booking guests such as Jay Z and other A-list stars, which could easily help her win over ratings in what will be quite the competitive field with Wendy Williams.

It also doesn’t help that Wendy has found out about Martinez plans to launch her own talk show just weeks after Daily Mail had reported about Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, having a discreet 10-year affair with his massage therapist.

Sources tell the outlet that Wendy Williams still hasn’t recovered from the news hitting the media two weeks ago. She’s beyond embarrassed but continues to hold her head high, in spite of knowing that nobody believes her story in saying that her marriage is perfectly fine.

Wendy Williams has yet to publicly react to Angie’s talk show news.

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