Kendall Jenner: Blake Griffin Spending Quality Time With Her Before NBA Season, Couple Getting Serious?

Kendall Jenner’s romance with Blake Griffin continues to heat up, with sources now revealing that the basketball player is wanting to spend as much time as possible with his rumored girlfriend before the NBA season kicks off.

The 28-year-old is fully aware that once he returns to basketball, he’s not going to get many opportunities to see Kendall Jenner, for she will be traveling around the world as part of her modeling career.

Making their schedules work for one another is difficult, to say the least, but the next couple of days that they still have together is just enough for them to really embrace their relationship before getting back to being a long distance duo.

According to Hollywood Life, Blake and Kendall Jenner have been dating for several months now, but it seems that their romance has gotten more serious in recent weeks, with Griffin reportedly realizing that he wants to have a future with the supermodel.

Of course, if that’s to be the case, Blake knows that Kendall Jenner’s work ethic and her schedule will make it extremely difficult for him to see her, because even when he finds himself off from the NBA games, Kendall could very well be in another country.

The athlete is fully embracing having the 21-year-old around him for the time being because he doesn’t quite know how they will work out their schedules once the NBA season kicks off, but it goes without saying that they both love each other’s company.

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Kendall Jenner has remained tight-lipped about her romance with the athlete, having stressed in the past that she would not want the interference of the media to dictate her relationship, convinced it can often ruin the bond two people share between one another.

Hollywood Life says that Kendall Jenner is very important to Blake and she reportedly knows that. They will work things out once the NBA games resume, it will just be more challenging for them to see one another when both of their careers are so hectic.

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What do you make of Kendall Jenner’s relationship with Griffin? Will the have a future together?

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