‘The Walking Dead’ Crossover Event: Welcome Back, Abraham [Video]

The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead will be mixing it up soon on an episode of one of their respective AMC shows, but it has not been confirmed yet when it will take place. But there is one thing that TWD fans need to realize and that’s how dead characters can be brought back into the fold, considering the considerable break in the timeline.

When Robert Kirkman gave the jaw-dropping announcement that The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead will be joining forces at some point and doing a crossover, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, fans of both shows were smitten with excitement because that gives them some undying hope to see some long-lost characters that have been sorely missed on the parent show.

In many horror TV shows these days, it is not uncommon to see characters brought back from the dead. To be honest, that happens quite often and has been a little overused, given shows like Supernatural, American Horror Story and even Lost have made extensive use of the “dead characters” ratings boost in some of their episodes. But on The Walking Dead, there is a rule and that is if you are dead, you stay dead. You might walk as a zombie, but you are still dead and you are put down quickly as a walker.

With the spinoff show Fear The Walking Dead, the show now has a major opportunity to break that rule and bring back some fan favorites with this crossover. But they’re not going to that without it making perfect sense. Not only is there a time difference between The Walking Dead and FTWD, but there is also a geographic element to look at. Madison and her core FTWD group are on the west coast and in Mexico while Rick and his core TWD group span from Atlanta only to the east in Alexandria. Even if they wanted to do a weekend visit, the resources are not available to them.

So the most likely scenario for a character from The Walking Dead to show up on Fear The Walking Dead is Abraham or even Eugene. Abraham is the most likely character for this considering he was in Texas and part of a larger group that was dispersed following a zombie herd attack. That herd later killed his family and he almost committed suicide until Eugene lied to him and gave him purpose for going on.

It is feasible to assume that at some point, Madison and her group cross paths in the west with Abraham and his group on Fear The Walking Dead. So that is one way that fans can get Abraham back into their TWD story with a crossover.

It seems highly unlikely that any other dead characters will have this type of opportunity to rendezvous with the western Walking Dead group, but that does not mean that it can’t happen in some wild coincidence.

[Featured Image by AMC]