Matthew Darby Arrested: Darby Took Uber To Alina Sheykhet’s Home, Asked Driver To Wait During Murder [Report]

Matthew Darby was the subject of a search related to the death of Alina Sheykhet after Darby’s whereabouts were initially unknown, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now Darby has been arrested, according to the Pocono Record. Authorities believe Matthew killed his ex-girlfriend with two knives and a claw hammer that they uncovered from the bowels of a sewer drain close to Sheykhet’s home. The death of the University of Pittsburgh student on Sunday brought plenty of social media attention to the case. Darby was taken into custody in South Carolina on Tuesday night.

The above photo from Myrtle Beach Police shows Darby, who is 21 years of age and from Greensburg. After being found in South Carolina, Darby was charged with criminal homicide, burglary, and more charges related to crimes against Alina. Sheykhet was the 20-year-old ex-girlfriend of Darby, whose cause of death was listed as “blunt force and sharp trauma” to her head.

Matthew was in Pittsburgh at Duquesne University at approximately 3:20 a.m. Sunday morning when Matthew contacted an Uber to take him to Sheykhet’s street close to the Pitt campus. The Uber driver reported picking up Matthew around 4:20 a.m., before seeing Matthew walk in the direction of Sheykhet’s home. Darby even asked the Uber driver to wait initially 10 minutes before returning to the Uber to ask the Uber driver to wait an additional 10 minutes. When Matthew called the Uber driver and whispered, asking him to wait longer, the Uber driver said no and left.

Matthew Darby arrested.
[Image by Pittsburgh Bureau of Police/AP Images]

Authorities also noted that a person appearing to be Darby was spotted on security video releasing a shiny object into the drain and throwing away another item into the trash. Matthew was caught when a person in Myrtle Beach contacted police as they witnessed Darby tampering with the window of a residence in the early morning hours. Police confirmed Matthew’s identity and learned about the outstanding interest in Darby from Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Darby’s parents urged their son to surrender, according to a statement read by Darby’s lawyer.

Darby is expected to be brought back to Pennsylvania. Matthew was already facing alleged rape charges of a different ex-girlfriend from February. She said Darby called her 33 times in one evening after they broke up. After she allowed him to visit her to apologize, she said that Matthew sexually assaulted her after she confessed she was seeing another person. Matthew’s phone records reveal he called Sheykhet two times only minutes before he ordered the Uber and three additional times close to 5:00 a.m., but Sheykhet did not answer his calls.

[Featured Image by Myrtle Beach Police/AP Images]