‘General Hospital’ Scoop: Steve Burton Signed A 3-Year Deal, Will Vanessa Marcil Play Oscar’s Mom?

General Hospital plotlines are hitting up with the upcoming town visit of Patient 6. From what the mysterious captive in the Russian hospital revealed, it appears like he is Jason Morgan since he has the memories to prove his identity. Since Jason had a twin, Drew, someone is telling a lie. The face-off between Steve Burton and Billy Miller is something to look forward to.

How Long Will Steve Burton Stay in GH?

Previous reports revealed that Burton will be staying in General Hospital for a while. In fact, it was revealed that the entire plot involving Patient 6 and the present Jason Morgan will unveil in about nine months.

A new interview revealed that Burton will be on the ABC soap for at least three years. After his current deal expires, Burton revealed they renew the contract annually. From the looks of it, General Hospital is committed to the current storyline involving Patient 6. Burton revealed he is also looking forward to staying longer with the soap.

As to what his character is up to, Burton hinted that he will arrive in Port Charles soon and he had fun working with old friends from General Hospital. The actor did not reveal who he worked with so far which makes the upcoming episodes even more exciting.

Will Brenda Return?

Vanessa Marcil, who played the role of Brenda Barrett on General Hospital, teased she will have a surprise announcement in two weeks. While the star is involved in several projects, GH fans can’t help but hope her announcement has something to do with the ABC soap. General Hospital just locked in Steve Burton in a three-year-contract for the role of Patient 6 who might or might not be Jason Morgan.

Following Marcil’s pending announcement, rumors suggest her return to the soap will involve Oscar (Garren Stitt). Oscar’s parentage remains to be a mystery, and General Hospital will not do this if there’s no secret there. If Josslyn (Eden MyCoy) falls for the son of Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) ex, Carly (Laura Wright) will not be happy about it.

Oscar was hesitant in revealing the identity of his parents and this could be a clue. If Brenda turns out to be his mother, Josslyn and Oscar’s romance will be in trouble. Carly will be livid if this happens. It would be great to have Brenda return to General Hospital even for just a few episodes. Needless to say, nothing has been confirmed yet and what Marcil will announce in two weeks remains to be a secret although it would be exciting to have her back in General Hospital.

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