Is Jennifer Garner Requiring Ben Affleck To Have A Drug Test Before Visitation With Their Kids?

It is well known that Ben Affleck has struggled with substance abuse, but rumors are swirling that Affleck’s ex, Jennifer Garner, will not let him have overnight visits with their kids without proof of his sobriety. Jennifer Garner has primary custody of Affleck’s children Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5, and reports say that she is making the call about when and where Ben Affleck can see their kids.

Other reports suggest that Ben Affleck is struggling, and due to his lifestyle, he is having a hard time slipping back into his Batman suit on the set of Justice League. Cast and crew are suggesting that Ben’s struggle is payback for treating them badly.

“Everyone from the wardrobe and makeup people to set dressers and carpenters are enjoying that Ben’s this lumpy Batman and say karma’s a b***h.”

A rumor from costuming is that Ben Affleck now requires a special corset to fit into the Batman suit.

Ben Affleck has worked hard to get clean, even hiring a sober companion, a nurse named Elizabeth Weaver of the company Concierge Nursing Care. Weaver worked with Affleck to provide 24-hour care to attend to a client’s medical and sobriety needs. At one point the tabloids confused Weaver for a new girlfriend, but she was with Affleck in a professional capacity.

But now, Jennifer Garner reportedly drew a line in the sand saying that Ben Affleck needs to prove he is clean to spend time with the children, says an insider.

“Jen has put her foot down and says either Ben submits to drug testing — or he can forget about seeing the kids for a sleepover. It breaks her heart to see Ben in liquor stores more than he goes to church!”

Despite Ben Affleck’s new relationship with Lindsay Shookus who lives in New York (Jen and the kids live in California), Jennifer Garner insists that the children need to still come first, and it’s non-negotiable. Affleck needs to get tested.

“Now she wants him to prove he’s completely clean of drugs and that he’s given up his partying ways. He was such a big party guy before, and he’s slipped up a few times since. Jen’s not taking any chances. The kids come first, as always. She’s giving Ben no excuses — or second chances.”

Jennifer Garner allegedly still remembers the time Ben Affleck fell off the wagon hard, back in 2003 while filming Paycheck in Vancouver. He supposedly partied all night with alcohol and cocaine, and so Garner isn’t taking any chances.

“‘Jen doesn’t trust Ben NOT to fall off the wagon, so that’s why she’s demanding the drug testing,’ said the insider. The saying goes, ‘Once an addict, always an addict.’ If he really cares for his kids, he’ll do it. If he’s clean like he’s been telling her, he’ll do it.”


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But Jennifer Garner is trying to keep the bond going with Ben Affleck’s family as she has been seen out in Brentwood with Affleck’s mother, Christine Anne Boldt.

If you were Jennifer Garner, would you insist that Ben Affleck get drug and alcohol tested before having the kids overnight?

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