Corinne Olympios Is Back For Round Two Of Her Clothing Line Collaboration

Guess who’s back in the spotlight again? That’s right, Corinne Olympios is back, but thankfully not on television this time. The 24-year-old Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant is on her second round of collaborations on a clothing line with Riot Society which launched today.

After Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor wrapped in March, Corinne cashed in on her many catchphrases from the show including “Platnium Vagine,” “Dude I need sushi,” and “Ok But First Cheese Pasta.” She partnered with clothing company Riot Society and created an extremely successful line of graphic print tees.

Corinne’s merchandise line sold out, and the company met their month goal within the first 24 hours it was available according to People. It was an opportunity Riot Society couldn’t pass up a second time and Corinne’s second round of clothing is available now.

This time, Corinne’s line is less based on catchphrases and more on her style in general. The line includes camouflage print long-sleeved tee shirts, and solid colored shirts with small roses, eight balls, and lips printed on them. The clothing comes at a reasonable price, with the most expensive shirt capping out at $30. Some of her original clothing from the first line is still available for purchase as well.

Her special line is known as Team Corn, and has its own section on Riot Society’s website. Team Corn comes from another famous Corrine-ism: “I’m a corn husk; you gotta pull all the layers back.”

This might not be the last we hear of Corinne as she has recently been making comments about how she would love to be the Bachelorette on an upcoming season. A twitter user asked Corinne if she would ever want the much desired position, and she responded with a video saying she would love to. She also turned heads during an interview with the Insider. When asked if she would be the next Bachelorette, her mysterious response left fans confused. She simply turned to her publicist and said, “Am I allowed to answer this?”

While Corinne is grasping at straws more than anything, stranger things have happened on The Bachelor and Bachelorette before. For now, you can check out the Miami native’s new line here, and feel free to Make America Corinne Again.

[Featured Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]