Peggy Sulahian Calls David Beador A Strong Personality After Clash With Husband

Peggy Sulahian has tried to explain her cancer situation to her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars, but they all seemed very skeptical. Of course, most of them had gone through the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal, where they learned that he had lied to the entire world about having cancer. The ladies were also shocked because Vicki Gunvalson had admitted to fabricating some stories about him to get the ladies to stop asking so many questions. So as soon as Peggy joined the cast and revealed she had gone through cancer, her co-stars were immediately walking on glass. They didn’t want to be fooled again.

While the ladies appeared confused as to whether she was sick, David Beador also asked for clarification when Diko Sulahian tried to explain his wife’s situation. According to a new report, Peggy Sulahian explained that she thought David was a bit aggressive and a strong personality as he was asking Diko about her health. It’s not like he was digging for information, as Diko brought it up himself. The ladies have revealed that they are confused about the entire situation, as they don’t understand why she said she didn’t have cancer in one conversation and then changed it around.

“Diko may have misinterpreted David’s intentions due to the manner in which David came back with questions at him that appeared to be more interrogative rather than concern. This was the first time Diko and David had met, and I feel like maybe their two strong personalities clashed,” Peggy Sulahian explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she felt David was trying to interrogate her husband about her cancer and her surgeries.

Perhaps she feels that Shannon Beador would have told her husband about everything they had talked about, so they could discuss the issues with Diko Sulahian. Perhaps Peggy feels that David was set up by his wife to ask Diko about the cancer diagnosis, as she had expressed confusion about Sulahian’s health situation before. During lunch, she remembers Peggy saying she didn’t have cancer, and during a dinner with all of the ladies, she said she had 3mm of cancer. It makes sense that the ladies are confused, but calling David a strong personality could be a nice way of calling him aggressive and interrogative.

What do you think about Peggy Sulahian calling David Beador a strong personality? Do you think Peggy should be protective of her health given everything that has happened in the past on the show, or do you think she should avoid judging people in advance?

[Featured Image by Bravo]