28-Year-Old Woman In Wheelchair Tragically Dies In Devastating California Wildfires

The death count in the devastating California wildfires continues to climb as news breaks that a wheelchair bound woman tragically died in the fire when she couldn’t escape her apartment. According to People, 28-year-old Christina Hanson was reported missing in Santa Rosa on Tuesday afternoon after the fires engulfed the city. Today, family members confirmed that Christina has sadly died in the flames.

CNN reports that Christina lives in an apartment complex next to her father’s home. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Christina was having trouble getting a hold of her father after she saw flames from her apartment window. She called his ex-wife to try and locate him with no luck. Hanson’s aunt, Cathy Riordan, says that family members also called 911 to try and get Christina help but she wasn’t aware what ever became of those calls.

Riordan goes on to report that Christina’s 55-year-old father, Michael Hanson, was taken to Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital after he was burned while looking for his daughter. Half of Michael’s body is covered in third degree burns and he is currently in a medically-induced coma. When Sutter Santa Rosa was evacuated, Michael was taken to Sonoma West Medical Center to be put on a breathing tube so he could go to Saint Francis’ Bothin Burn Center later.

When Christina went missing on Tuesday, family members called every possible hospital and shelter in hopes of locating her. But sadly, her cousin, Brittney Vinculado, confirmed to CNN that Hanson had died in the fire.

“Sadly, we just found out that Christina did not survive the fire,” Brittney told reporters.

Christina was not the only unlucky California resident to die in the deadly fires. According to CNN, at least 17 people have been killed as flames have taken over parts of Northern California, including wine country. In addition to 20,000 people being evacuated on Tuesday, authorities told another five areas that they would need to evacuate in order to stay out of harm’s way.

The fires began on Sunday evening and it is still under investigation as to whether or not the fires were started by humans or other natural elements.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]