‘Civilization 6’ Gets Major Update For Fall 2017: New Religious Systems, AI Improvements, And More

Civilization 6 is about to get a major update for Fall 2017. Fans of the popular turn-based strategy game can expect an overhaul of the religious systems and more, according to an article on Steam.

Developers will be adding two new Pantheons to the game as well as new Founder, Follower, Enhancer, and Worship Beliefs. These brand new beliefs will unleash your ability to build new buildings and allow you to unlock a new combat unit, called the Warrior Monk.

They’ve also upgraded the religious combat experience. Religious units will now have the ability to use a zone of control and obtain flank and support bonuses. Healing powers have been added to the Guru religious units so that they can offer support.

In terms of UI improvements, developers have revamped the Religion lens to make “usability and readability” better. Religion indicators and unit flags have also been added so that player can easily identify the loyalties of various units.

AI Changes: The Seas Are Full Of Danger

For the Fall 2017 update, Civilization 6’s AI players have upgraded their naval unit building skills so fleets and armadas can do more at sea. The AI players are also going to get better at healing their ships so players can expect more intense coastal attacks.

Additional UI Changes

Civilization 6’s developers have also made changes to the diplomacy screens to help players find the information they need more easily. They’re also removing unnecessary gossip messages so that players won’t have to dig through all of that junk to get the most important updates on what’s going on during the game.

As Gamespot reports, a release date for Civilization 6’s Fall 2017 update has not yet been revealed. But according to the article on Steam, fans of the game can look forward to more changes when the update is finally unveiled.

Created by game design legend Sid Meier, Civilization 6 challenges players to create an empire that lasts from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Players try to build the greatest civilization ever known through diplomacy, war, and cultural advancement.

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[Featured Image by Firaxis Games]