STD App Lets You ‘Bump Smartphones’ With Potential Partners

A new smartphone app allows curious parties to test potential sex partners for unwanted STDs. Instead of lengthy conversations about embarrassing subjects, all you have to do is “bump” phones with your mate to see if all is well.

According to ABC News, developers at MedXSafe have put together a new app called MedXCom. Instead of verbally discussing the aftermath of your sexual conquests, the program allows potential hook-ups to “bump phones” in order to exchange intimate personal details.

“If you happen to be out at a bar or a fraternity house or wherever, and you meet someone, you can then bump phones and exchange contact information and STD status,” developer Dr. Michael Nusbaum said.

Of course, the STD app only works wonders when the people using the program are being honest. If your potential partner isn’t on the up and up, then there’s a possibility their app isn’t going to cough up the juicy details you seek.

The Daily Mail explains the app encourages its users to seek regular medical check-ups in order to keep the info fresh and up-to-date. When the individual receives a clean bill of health, the doctor can then authorize a status update on MedXCom.

However, don’t expect any details of your dirty little secrets to make their way into the hands of total strangers. Should you test positive for an STD, the app will only tell the other person that you’re currently carrying some sort of disease. The specifics are kept in the dark.

It’s currently unclear if anyone will want to share their personal information in such a casual manner. Since some people prefer to share intimate secrets in an intimate setting, it could be a while before apps such as MedXCom are accepted by its demographic.

What do you think about the STD app? Would you share your personal info with a stranger by simply “bumping” your smartphones?