Donald Trump Won’t Be Accorded A State Visit To The UK, And The Queen Won’t Invite Him For Dinner

Donald Trump is not having the best of times.

The American president has lately been cutting a frustrated figure because of a host of issues. Whether it be the criticism he has received for his treatment of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria or his criticism of NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem, whether it be the scathing assessment at the hands of senior Republican Bob Corker, or the millionaire’s continued inability to bring about a consensus to push ahead with any major legislative policy during his first year in office, Donald Trump is finding his work increasingly cut out.

And now it appears the next year is not going to be any better. After U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May had invited Trump for a state visit to her native country earlier this year, Trump’s visit has now been downgraded to a “working visit,” according to the Independent. The reasons for such downgrading are not definite at this point, however, it has been reported that U.K. officials were concerned about the wave of protests that could engulf London should Donald Trump be afforded a state visit. It means that Trump will likely not be afforded the opportunity to have dinner with Queen Elizabeth II, something that has been the privilege of American presidents from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama. In fact, Obama met Queen Elizabeth II thrice during his eight years in office.

Barack Obama with Queen Elizabeth II during his state visit to the UK in 2011. [Image by Lewis Whyld - WPA Pool/Getty Images]

The downgrading of Donald Trump’s visit to a “working visit” does not necessarily mean that he wouldn’t meet the Queen at a later point, but such a move definitely raises concerns about how the U.K. is evaluating Trump’s performance during his time in office.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has raised doubts about affording Donald Trump a full state visit.

“[I am] not sure it is appropriate for our government to roll out the red carpet,” he said about Trump being invited with full state honors to the United Kingdom.

Hundreds of thousands of people had signed a petition opposing Donald Trump’s visit after Theresa May had invited him for a state visit earlier this year, as reported by People, and opponents had threatened a massive protest should the visit go as planned. However, in July, the U.K. government had stated that the outrage would not change its mind and it would still extend a state visit to Trump.

A few months later, though, it seems Donald Trump is not going to be able to have the trip he desired.

[Featured Image by Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images]