‘Stranger Things’: Netflix Changes Episode Titles Ahead Of Season 2 Premiere

Stranger Things producers are trying to throw fans off—and they’re doing a very good job. One year after teasing the second season of the Netflix hit with a trailer that seemingly featured the list of the episode “chapter” titles, the streaming site has released a brand new teaser that seems to alter most of the previously announced chapters.

In August 2016, the highly analyzed original Stranger Things 2 trailer flashed a list of episode titles that included “Madmax,” “The Boy Who Came Back To Life,” “The Pumpkin Patch,” “The Palace,” “The Storm,” “The Pollywog,” “The Secret Cabin,” “The Brain,” and “The Lost Brother.”

Stranger Things fans immediately began to study the titles in an attempt to decipher how the new season will play out. Many fans assumed that The Pollywog will be a new monster in the second season of Stranger Things.

Now, a newly released trailer tells a different story. The latest trailer, posted to the Stranger Things Twitter account flashes the titles “Madmax,” “Trick Or Treat Freak,” “The Pollywog,” “Will The Wise,” “Dig Dug,” “The Spy,” and then three unnamed episodes that must be too hot to spoil.

You can see the game-changing new Stranger Things 2 teaser below.

It’s not a huge surprise that Stranger Things 2 has come out with a title revamp. Showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer previously admitted that the idea to tease the titles may not have been a good one and that the risky move could blow up in their faces.

“Netflix had another teaser, but it was about going back to stuff that had happened already,” Matt Duffer told the Hollywood Reporter. “I thought it wasn’t exciting enough, and we wanted to provide some hint of where we were going in season two without giving anything away.”

The Duffer Brothers also revealed that some of the titles would likely change, but promised that everything in the original teaser was still “major.”

“[The titles] are ambiguous enough that no one is going to be able to figure it out,” Matt Duffer originally told THR.

Will is not alone.

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But the Duffer Brothers admitted their fans are smart—especially those superfans with their Reddit theories. While it was their decision to release the chapter titles for fans, the Duffers didn’t bank on some savvy superfans figuring out the Stranger Things 2 plot solely on the teaser titles.

“Some of them are changing,” Matt Duffer told Entertainment Weekly of the original episode titles. “Some of them we didn’t put because these people are smart on the f***ing internet. You’ve seen it with Westworld — they figured it out! I’ve seen videos analyzing the chapter titles and they’re right on a lot.”

You can see the original Stranger Things 2 teaser below.

Stranger Things 2 premieres Oct. 27 on Netflix.

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