Brad Pitt Almost Lost Career After Threatening Weinstein Over Alleged Gwyneth Paltrow Sexual Advances

Brad Pitt could have jeopardized his Hollywood career after confronting Harvey Weinstein about his alleged sexual advances to Gwyneth Paltrow, it has been reported.

According to Hollywood Life, Brad Pitt was absolutely outraged when Paltrow, his then-girlfriend, had confided in him about the Hollywood producer’s wishes to get her back to his hotel room following an extravagant film event that dates back to 20 years ago.

Paltrow reveals herself that she was sickened by even considering the idea of being sexually romantic with the 65-year-old, and since Brad Pitt was the closest person in her life at the time, she saw no reason not to tell him.

Pitt, as expected, lost his mind when Gwyneth told him about the incident. It’s said that Brad went and approached Weinstein about it, allegedly threatening the mogul that if something like that was to happen again, Pitt would serve him a harsh whooping.

Now sources, via Hollywood Life, claim that Brad Pitt was more than brave to have approached a Hollywood producer of that star power and still walk away with a successful career.

It was clear that Harvey wasn’t going to take actions against Brad Pitt because he also didn’t want people knowing that at that point, he had already built up a history with women who all had similar run-ins with him.

Brad Pitt was lucky to still be cast for big movie roles at the time because had Weinstein worked his magic, the actor’s career would have been over faster than he could’ve seen it coming, the insider adds.

Of course, it would seem rather interesting to then hear that the woman Brad Pitt would go on to date years later, Angelina Jolie, would come forward and share her own disturbing stories concerning Harvey.

What’s interesting is that Brad Pitt, who detests Weinstein, made the exception of working with him after being cast for a role in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards, back in 2009.

Brad had wanted to work with Tarantino his entire career, so despite the history he had shared with Weinstein, this was more or less having to go through the mogul in order to be in the environment of people he has adored growing up.

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