'Little People Big World': Zach Roloff Posts Adorable Photo Of Baby Jackson Spying Cousin Ember

Little People Big World star Zach Roloff has taken to Instagram Tuesday to post a photo of baby Jackson. As expected, his and Tori's four-month-old baby is looking nothing short of adorable.

It's looking like Jackson Roloff has been hanging out with his equally adorable newborn cousin Ember quite a lot lately. Ember Jean Roloff, born on September 10 to parents Audrey and Jeremy, has recently been gracing the Instagram accounts of the Roloffs. A few days ago, Tori posted Ember and Jackson's first photo together, showing the cousins holding each other's hands, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

On Tuesday morning, Audrey Roloff went on Instagram to post a fourth-week update on their baby girl, enumerating the numerous milestones Ember Jean has achieved since she was born a month ago. The first time mom wrote that Ember "eats and wiggles by day, and eats and cuddles by night." She also wrote about her baby's many "firsts," including her first visit to the farm, her first mule ride, and her first public blow out.

Baby Ember's monthly milestone blanket updates appear to have been inspired by cousin baby Jackson's monthly milestone updates. A few weeks ago, Tori went to Instagram to post a fourth-month update on Jackson Roloff. And it looks like he is getting bigger day by day.

In Zach's recent Instagram post, Jackson -- hubby cheeks puffed out in all their cute glory -- can be seen looking off camera with a puzzled look on his face. Going by Zach's caption, baby Jackson seems entirely baffled by the newcomer.

"I spy cousin ember!" Zach captioned the photo.

As per usual, Jackson's fans couldn't handle the cuteness overload as they gushed over Zach and Tori Roloff's baby in the photo's comments section. Not a few commenters remarked on how big he has gotten.

"Aww absolutely adorable! He's getting sooo big," one user wrote.

"Those chubby cheeks are the best!" another commented.

"Jackson is SO adorable!! And such a good baby!! God Bless you and your family," wrote another.

And here's the aforementioned photo of the Roloff cousins holding hands. Aren't they adorable? Make no mistake, it's going to be fun seeing these two babies growing up together.

"No worries cousin Ember... Baby J will always be there to hold your hand," Tori captioned the photo.

How did you like Jackson Roloff's new photo? Are you excited to see the upcoming season of Little People, Big World?

Little People, Big World returns for a new season on TLC by winter of 2018.

[Featured Image by Zach Roloff/Instagram]